Thursday 2 February 2023

The End of the Road?

I don't know if this is goodbye just yet.  Many of you have known of my creative journey for years and I have evolved from dabbling in all sorts of creative hobbies from sewing, crochet, needlework, card making, jewellery making, papercraft etc;  I now want to devote my time to become the best I can in the field of art, whether that be fine art or abstract or something else.  I just don't know yet.

When I set up my YouTube channel I was hoping that some of you would follow me on my journey there but I understand if you are not interested in seeing the things I am up to as our interests evolve or change over time.

This blog gets a few views but very little in the way of interaction especially since I have been posting my YouTube videos.  I didn't mean to scare you all away! I sometimes feel I am talking in an empty room here on the blog as there is so little engagement.

I am continuing to work on my YouTube videos but will not be posting them on here anymore. If you want to find me, you know where I am!

*EDITED 19 March 2023  -  I should have informed you that I turned comments off for this post.  Thanks to the readers that let me know they were unable to comment.

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