Thursday, 16 October 2014

Creative Working and Checking Out the Boss

I need to generate an income.  I romantically imagine that I could have multiple income streams as mentioned in one of my mountains of self help books.  At the moment just one income stream would do.

Job seeking, I was surprised to see an advert for pub catering staff in a local paper this week.  From my experience good jobs rarely get advertised unless they are in the teaching profession.  They were looking for people ranging from cooks and chefs to assistants and apprentices.  I did get my City and Guilds Cookery Certificate (albeit many years ago) and I cook on a daily basis, so I thought a job as a kitchen assistant would do as my 'good enough' job and I could do freelance writing in my spare time.  I was buoyed up with renewed enthusiasm after having a miserable few days.  Yes!  I could have my cake and eat it!

Anyway, I emailed the pub for more information regarding the roles, rates of pay, hours of work etc and waited for a response. I didn't get a reply so I emailed again and was given a mobile phone number to contact them 'to discuss.'  Such is the advantage of social media today, it is quite easy to see if people are on twitter or facebook.  Before contacting them again, I tracked this person down on twitter.  Their tweets were few but contained images of the porn his father had been sent in the post and part of the male anatomy tattooed as an elephant head complete with trunk!  I am so glad that I found out more about this person before phoning 'to discuss'!

So, it doesn't look like I am going to get a job as a kitchen assistant anytime soon.  I do have a sense of humour but would not want to work for anyone who sends out explicit tweets.  I would not be able to respect them as a boss and would not feel comfortable working for them.  I think I had a lucky escape.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Childhood Passions

Once upon a time,

When looking for career advice, I have read that one should look to their childhood passions to rediscover what they should be doing. One of the things I used to enjoy doing was drawing.  I was happiest when I had a new pack of felt tip pens and a pad of cartridge paper.  There was no pre-drawing with a pencil and then going over the lines - I used to go for it and just put pen to paper.  If I ruined the picture (which I frequently did) I would screw the page up into a tight ball and start again.

I recently found this card which I drew for my Nan when I was a child.  I think it was a self portrait, or rather how I would have liked to see myself with the jet black hair of Disney's Snow White and the obligatory long eyelashes. I like the open and outstretched arms and the way the head is tilted to one side.  I did seem to view the World in a rosy haze of blissful ignorance and sometimes wish that I never had to grow up and be exposed to the harsh reality of a wicked World. 

So forward 40 plus years and here I am today.  That optimistic child still lays within me.  I want to welcome you all with outstretched arms, walk through fields of flowers and live out a story tale future where I can say

....................and they all lived happily ever after. x

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


I thought that after having a few days away from blogging that I would return rejuvenated and with a real zest for life again. Truth be told, I am feeling more lacklustre than ever!  My life is so mundane that a walk to the local library would be the highlight of the month - and even then it is difficult to find any up to date books on the shelf.

I keep on wrestling with my thoughts - should I continue to blog or has this part of my life ended?  But writing is my way of self expression.  I could just write a private diary but by writing to an 'audience' helps me to write with a bit of structure and prevents me from scrawling down random thoughts.

There is very little for me to blog about at the moment.  Gizmo had taken a liking to being brushed, my son has settled into sixth form, and I regularly make apple sponge for dessert.   I continue to struggle with keeping my emotions in check and I am feeling quite useless at the moment.  Could just be an age thing?

I think my posts are going to be less frequent unless I have been doing anything specific.  I don't want to bore you and feel that I am losing much of my readership.

Until next time..................................x

Friday, 3 October 2014

Dear Mr Keats

Dear Mr Keats,

For some reason, that I can't fathom out, thoughts of you popped into my head this week.  Ever since, I have been compelled to find out more about you.

I was astounded to discover that we have trodden the same pathways - yours in what was a rural country setting and mine in the 'developed' Enfield in the County of Middlesex.  Enfield Town train station now dominates the site where you boarded at  John Clarke's school.  I have walked along Church Street in Edmonton where you lived for a time with your grandmother.  In the same street,  the poet and essayist Charles Lamb and his sister lived at Bay cottage 13 years after your death.  Imagine that!  Two famous poets living in the same street!

You had such a troubled life peppered with tragedy and never knew the delights of marriage or a family of your own.  Maybe your trials and tribulations gave you a deep insight and connection with nature that was a catalyst for your soul touching poetry.  Separated by the Centuries, I feel we are united by the seasons.  Your autumn is my autumn and I feel you close by as I read To Autumn, which in my opinion, is your most beautiful poem.

Next time I walk through the streets of Enfield and feel the whistling wind and listen to the crunch of leaves underfoot, I will think of you and wish for your guiding spirit.

Yours sincerely,

Simone Whipp

Sunday, 21 September 2014


I am going to take a bit of a blogging break.  As much as I love to blog, I can't think of anything new to say.  The garden is in a dreadful state with much tidying up to do before the onset of winter.  The house needs a jolly good clean and de-clutter and I need to take a good look at myself and decide which direction I am heading for. 

If I was able to, I would like to take myself off to a retreat in beautiful surroundings.  I would be with like minded souls and we would cook lovely things to eat, we would paint and create and share stories and words of wisdom.  We would make lotions and potions and sing and dance long after nightfall.  Unfortunately life is not a fantasy but a stark reality. Dreams will stay as unfulfilled dreams as crestfallen, I must face up to the responsibilities of  real life.

Hopefully I will not be away for too long.  The lure of the blog is too great.  I intend to return invigorated with a new zest for life.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Craft Fair Observations

I have had a week to reflect on the craft fair.  It was a useful experience in some ways.  The best seller was the item shown above.  A pack of six tags for £1.50.  These probably took the least skill to make than anything else on the stall and probably have at least £1.50's worth of baker's twine in each pack!

I made the following observations:

  • No one even looked at the scented mice in the basket.
  • I didn't sell one fabric flower brooch.
  • There was no interest in the collage card packs (I would have been interested!).
  • Nobody bought the paper jam pot covers (one woman said she likes to make hers using recycled T- shirts).
  • There was no interest in the autumn sprites (I think one person scrawled down the poem that came with them).
  • People say 'I will come back after looking around' (they never do).
  • Paper currency is given for small change items, requiring one to scrabble about for the correct change.
  • I didn't sell one pack of my hand drawn and hand cut original tags.
  • The key rings with pagan themed metal charms sold well (which surprised me in a church).
  • By putting 'jam gift tags' on the label confuses some customers and they ask if they can only be used on jars of jam.
Thinking back to some of the visitors on the day such as the woman who wanted to buy a brooch but had no money as she was on the way to the allotment,  reminds me of the saying 'there's nowt queer as folk'.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


I've been dabbling in my sketchbook in my free time this week.  I feel I need to brush up on my drawing skills before I take to the water colour paints again.  I love to create characters and they seem to evolve on the page without me having an idea of what the end result will be.