Sunday, 24 March 2019

Dutch Golden Age Painting

My tulips this morning.  Their vibrancy reminds me of the paintings of the dutch golden age in the 17th century.  I really want to paint them.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Visting the Optometrist

The optometrist showed an enlarged image of the back of my eyes on a desktop screen.  They looked like two huge planets sitting side by side. She pointed out the macular and the optic nerve on each. 

I told her that I didn't like looking at the images. [I feel queasy seeing the inside of my body.  Some things are just not meant to be seen.] She said that my 'good eye' had a sign that could lead to developing glaucoma.  I was worried to see an expanse of white where a healthy tangle of optic nerves were seen on the other eye.

A few years ago I was sent to the hospital for tests to see if I had glaucoma. They were not unduly worried and said that the cupping of the optic disc was probably there from birth.  I wondered why this had never been discovered before as I have had regular eye tests all my life.

A vision test showed that my eyesight has improved since last year.  Last year I was given a new prescription but never changed it because I couldn't find any suitable glasses.  Imagine if I had.  Last years lenses would now be redundant as are the varifocal contact lenses that I was persuaded to buy.

The test was thorough involving puffs of air in the eye and head to head contact between me and the optometrist as she peered deeply into the back of each eye.  Every now and then I could see red thread like veins look back at me from inside a white light.  

Swiftly afterwards I was taken to a sales assistant and had my frame free face photographed (say that fast three times!) on an iPad.  'Clever Frame Style technology'  scanned my features and its facial analysis detected that I have an oval face and should select softer rounder frames.  My face is not symmetric and about as oval as a potato so I didn't put much faith in that depiction at all.

Over at the wall of frames there wasn't any information as to what frames were best for each face shape so the face shape exercise was, in my opinion, pointless.  The sales assistant smiled and shrugged her shoulders when I pointed this out.  Left to my own devices I tried on a few pairs of glasses.  Nothing suited my now oval face.

I left the shop without renewing my prescription.  On the way out I closed my left eye and relied on my right eye to guide me in walking home.   I am frustrated that my 'good' eye is the one most likely to develop glaucoma.  Sod's law.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Out and About in February 2019

In the name of research I spent a few hours out and about yesterday.  I walked in solitude soaking up the atmosphere in the gardens of Myddelton House.

A bank of snowdrops shimmered in the early sun.

I admired the shape and design of gold painted leaves on the intricate wrought iron gate. So often I get distracted by the detail..............

Friday, 8 February 2019

Card Making in February

This card took hours to make today!  Hopefully it should be easy to replicate now I have the formula for making it. 

I took a printed picture and then made a die-cut frame for it using an inner and and outer die.  I then put the card frame into an embossing folder and ran it through the manual die cut/embossing machine.  I die cut a few flowers.

A white card blank was stamped with flower stamps and a sentiment.  I then assembled the card and added some colored gems.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Card Making in January

My life has taken a busy detour just now so I am unable to blog as often as usual.  My 'free' time is constrained so I am taking advantage of spare time at the weekends to enjoy making cards or other 'mindless' activities purely for enjoyment.

I used various techniques to produce the cards above and am pleased with their simplicity.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Keeping on Track

Since January 1st, I have walked over 33 miles (53 kilometers) so I am well on the way to achieving 10,000 miles this year if I keep this up!  I have tried to vary the walks I do each day so that walking around the local area doesn't get boring.  I walked past this sign and door for a tea room.  I have never seen this before.  I will have to pop in during one of my walks and see what they have on offer.

This month I seem to have hit the ground running.  I have so much to occupy my time but it is all a good kind of busy.  I am feeling energized and positive more than ever. I just hope that my good mood continues!

I received 'A Mindful Day' daily calendar for Christmas.  It contains meditations to inspire peace and balance.  Here is today's offering;

I can be free from my prior circumstances.
I can live in my deepest vision.
I can live the life of my dreams.

Sounds good to me.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Plans for 2019 and Word of the Year

Happy New Year!  This year I am taking part in Ilona's 1000 mile walking challenge.  That means I am going to endeavour to walk one thousand miles this year.  Hopefully I will feel happier and healthier for doing so.  I also want to draw and paint more, grow plants and try to be a bit more self reliant.

My word for 2019 is observe.  This should come in particularly useful with my drawing and painting.

If I am not at my blog in 2019 I will probably be out walking!