Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I Can't Stop Making Envelopes!

Oh dear.  I do think that I have an addictive personality.  Armed with a selection of my photographed printed collages and some of my other artwork, combined with a pencil, ruler and an envelope punch board, I am building up a stash of envelopes!

It is so satisfying to see a piece of plain white printer paper transformed into a beautiful and original envelope.  No two will ever be the same.  I am loving doing this.  I'd better stop now.  The ironing pile is getting higher by the day.  I needed a diversion tactic after having a large tooth removed yesterday.  Making things is my reward and my salvation!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Evolving Original Artwork

At the end of last year I did some random collages using a variety of mediums and techniques one of which is shown above.   I didn't know what to do with them until I was inspired by various tutorials on You Tube.

Now my not-so-wonderful butterfly collage has evolved into a range of usable stationery items including envelopes, notepaper and various cards for me to use in snail mail, journaling and happy mail.  I made use of my computer scaling up and down sections of photographs of the collage.  The printing on the computer did not stay true to the original colours but I don't mind that and the more subdued colours are much more me! 

I am so happy with the results and glad I didn't bin my collages!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Zentangle Saturday #5

I should have spent more time on this Zentangle.  I am not too fond of the paperweights design on the bottom left but I like the soundbites and wishbones on the bottom right!  The Flurry at the top required a lot of concentration.  Other designs above include snake, queen's crown and algae.

To find out more about Zentangle click here.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

I Blame John Gray

This post is a diversion from my usual kind of blog post.  It is more of an accolade to the writer John Gray of Going Gently fame whose blog I have been following for several years.  John Gray is a house husband to Chris and they live in a cottage in the sleepy Welsh village of Trelawnyd.  His daily posts are an entertaining read and will leave you laughing, crying or even wondering!  He works night shifts as a nurse on a trauma unit, volunteers as a Samaritan, looks after a menagerie of animals including three terriers, Winnie the bulldog, a rabbit catching cat, Camilla the Canadian goose and a field full of animals.

He is kind, open and authentic but uses colourful language for added impact on an occasion!  He also talks far too candidly about his animals toilet habits, but they are the kinds of posts that attract the most comments to his blog!  He is an avid The Walking Dead fan despite the rest of his audience not being so enthusiastic!

Last year John invited blog readers to take part in the novelty vegetable category at the show being held in the village.  We made our entries and posted the photos off to John.  They was all put on display around the village hall and came from countries around the globe (he has an international following you know?)

Anyway, to wrap up this post, the most memorable thing about John is his passion for Scotch eggs.  I even succumbed to the subliminal messages I have received from his blog posts over the years and bought myself one for lunch today.  I blame John Gray.  You can read one of his Scotch egg posts here.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Return to Happiness

Among other things, Lily-of-the-Valley means 'return to happiness' in the language of flowers, and  I am very happy to see its return in the shady spot in my front garden. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

What Would You Put in Your Manifesto?

With the UK general elections looming I got to thinking about what I would put in my manifesto if I was standing for election. One of the things on my list would be: 

Affordable Veterinary Care

So far this year over £800 has been spent at the vets surgery regarding Gizmo.  The latest saga was him getting bitten through a haematoma on his ear.  The vet administered antibiotics and after about a ten minute consultation we were handed a bill of £91.98.  The vet said that the antibiotic may not work and the only way to get rid of the haematoma would be to operate at a cost of £500.00.  There is a chance that the haematoma will reoccur after an operation.   Well, that's not happening then so it seems that Gizmo will spend the rest of his life with a cauliflower ear.

I get so fed up with T.V programmes encouraging people to take on a pet without stressing how much they could potentially cost to keep.   Gizmo was born in the wild and taken in with his Mum and siblings by Cats Protection.  When we went to view him he was in the foster carers garden in a cage.  The foster carer said that he needed to be handled a lot to get used to humans.  She used to lay him on his back and stick her fingers in his mouth.  Today Gizmo will want to attack a person if they put their hands anywhere near his face.  When we brought Gizmo home he would hide behind the sofa for weeks and only come out when forced.  Even as a tiny kitten he would leap up at me and bite me at every opportunity.  I even phoned Cats Protection up for advice and they said to give it time.  I don't think he has ever really been suitable as a house cat. I wouldn't buy an animal from a rescue centre again.  I know these centres have the animals best interests at heart but they don't always judge things right.  Gizmo is a fighter.  I don't think he should have ever been offered up as an indoor cat.

Anyway, to get back to the main title of this post, if you was standing for election what one thing would you put in your manifesto?

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Zentangle Saturday #3 and #4

 The Zentangle above includes accordion, ivy, portholes, nipa, printemps and ocean spray designs.

The designs around the initial are beelight, snood, eddy, pinball, wavy border and black eyed peas.  If you want to know more about Zentangle, which is a form of mindful meditation, then you can find information on the official site here.