Saturday, 29 March 2008

I've Been Tagged Too!

Katherine from Kittens Lost Her Mittens (see favourite blogs in sidebar) has tagged me to list 7 random things about myself. Well here goes:

1. I have double jointed little fingers. This is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.

2. I pick up snails along the pathway in the street so they won't get trodden on by passers by. This can be very time consuming especially after a downpour.

3. I can sleep anywhere at any time. I just close my eyes and I am asleep within minutes.

4. I love soap. A good big chunk of handmade soap. I have many body washes and fancy lotions and potions but I like nothing better than to lather up with a beautifully scented bar of creamy soap!

5. I like to 'help' people. This is not always a good thing. On one occasion, I asked an elderly lady if she wanted me to help her cross the road. I thought that she would thank me, take my arm and allow me to see her safely across the road. Well not this lady! She got really aggressive and abusive and said she wasn't willing to put her life at risk and 'I'm not ready for my grave yet you know!' I got the message!

6. Despite being a 'middle aged' mother I still do not know what to do 'when I grow up'. This has been bugging me since I was about 17 years old.

7. I am very shy. In the blogging world I can be as assertive as I like but in the real world I wouldn't even say 'boo' to a fly.

Well that's it. Seven random facts about me. I presume that almost all bloggers have done this by now! If not then feel free to do the same and then pass it on!

The picture at the top of the post is my little 'ginger boy' whom I got in September last year. I didn't want to put off any potential readers with a picture of myself, so I hope the picture of this cute little fluff bundle will suffice.


  1. Your little orange guy is so cute!

    I do the same thing that you do with snails, only with worms. After it rains, I go around picking up worms and putting them in the grass. I like to go for a run around the park by my house, but it's always hard to get any running in after a storm cause every couple of inches I have to stop for another worm!

  2. Tee hee. I do the same for worms too Katherine!

  3. the pie was corned beef, onion and potato, it was very nice too even if i say so myself, chuckle. Glad you got moving your pics sorted. I pick up snails too, can't stand the thought of them being stood on. Such a cute kitten
    Lisa x

  4. Hi there...thanks for visiting my blog..I have ben tagged twice in the space of two days..bang goes the housework !! Sal;-)

  5. Talking of snails, once in the garden I found lots under a big old stone that I had moved, so I gathered them all up and put them in a pile, to take up to the tip with the garden rubbish. You can probably guess what I did next, I took a step back, momentarily forgetting they were there, and crunch! I felt so bad. x


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