Saturday, 26 April 2008

Book Tag

A little while back Gina from Gingerbread (see side bar as I still haven't figured out how to link to names within the text!), invited me to do a book tag:-

Here are the rules of the book tag;

pick up a book of at least 123 pages

open the book to page 123

find the fifth sentence

post the next 3 sentences

tag five people to do the same

The book I chose was 'The NEW Complete book of Self-Sufficiency - the classic guide for realists and dreamers by John Seymour. I had to break the 'rules' as I preferred what was on page 125 to what was on page 123! This is what I read.

'Now honey will do anything that sugar can do and do it much better. Not only is it a healthier food, for beekeepers it is also free. It is sweeter than sugar, so if you use it for cooking or wine-making purposes, use about two thirds as much as you would sugar.

Before the sugar cane countries were opened up to the western world, honey was the only source of sugar.'

If there are five people out there who would like to do the book tag then please go ahead. It is interesting looking through various books to see what snippet of interesting information you may find.


  1. Yay honey! we keep bees and love it. That looks like an awesome book.

  2. Thanks for playing Simone, love the book you've chosen..will have to try my library for this one. Honey is one of my favourite things! I know how to link with typepad, not sure about Blogger though. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. :O)

  3. Hi Simone, now this is my type of book, I may look in to buying it. I grew up on a farm and dream of a self sufficient life in the country one day, although I shall not be keeping bees, I don't like honey! Recently I read an article which said that due to diseases and parasites there is a possibility of the honey bee dying out within 10 years, this seems a bit worrying to me, to say the least? This post has got me thinking so thanks Simone, and don't leave it so long until your next one, I really like your blog. x

  4. That book looks great but it also looks scary because I know it will tell me how much more I SHOULD be doing! Lucy x

  5. What a great idea...I may have a go at this one.
    That does sound like a great book anyway, I must check it out on Amazon.Carol x


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