Saturday, 12 April 2008

Shona was a Happy Sheep..... you can see above.
And Daisy is a Groovy Chick!

It is school holiday time again and I wanted to do something creative with my son. Armed with a stack of old magazines, junk mail, some handmade paper and a glue stick we decided to make some collages. Firstly we cut out images that we liked from the magazines and assembled them into a pleasing arrangement on the background paper. I gave my sheep a rather fetching pair of Andi Mcdowell lips and a Boden dress! I thought my son was very creative in his choice of attire for his 'Daisy' collage.
After we decided on the arrangement we stuck down the images with a glue stick. We then chose some words to put on our collages.
I called mine 'Shona was a Happy Sheep' and realised later that I had used the past tense whereas my son had named his in the present tense; 'Daisy is a Groovy Chick'. That really illustrated to me that children really do live in the present moment.
We had a lot of fun making the pictures. My son liked the freedom of cutting out all the different fonts and not worrying about capital letters etc. It really was a 'no rules' crafting activity, inexpensive and fun to do.
When we finished after a couple of hours my son said 'can we do it again tomorrow?'!!!!!


  1. This is a really great idea from both of you, doesn't cost a lot, and lots of fun. So much fun you will want to do it all over again tomorrow! x

  2. Your collages are great fun. Thanks for looking by my blog. I was intrigued to see your post about crafts you've done in the past - I've got some painted stones just like that! Might be brave enough to show them one day!

  3. What fun! I think we may have to try that in the Locket household too!!! Dorothy has been doing some of her own versions lately but I haven't tried it with the littlest Lockets yet!

  4. What a brilliant project! And scissor practice too.... May have to steal that one. I love the surreal humour element.

  5. They look great. Our hols are next wek so I might just be nicking your idea to do with my own Daisy


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