Sunday, 4 May 2008

Show me your Garden

'Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.' (Alfred Austin)

I am a bit worried about this quote as it will show that I am chaotic, random, untamed, unkempt and a right messy so and so.

There are many 'to do' things in my garden. I know that I need to prune and mow and weed and generally tidy up but I just always find reasons not to!

I quite like the way nature takes over and does its own thing. I will eventually get my garden

up 'to standard' although I can say without a doubt that I will never have a perfectly manicured
lawn or a neat beds of flowers. That's a good thing eh?

Anyway I like to think that my garden is a nature reserve. My cat likes it that way too.

Isn't that the fluffiest tail you have ever seen?

My ginger boy, happy and at one with nature.


  1. My garden at home is a total and utter tip - just like me!!!!

  2. gardens should always have a "wild" bit.. just think of all the wildlife thats lurking in there. Lovely cat too
    Lisa x

  3. Beautiful puddy cat - I had a dear ginger puddy myself ... he passed away 5 years ago - I still miss him greatly ...

  4. I think you have a lovely garden..I don't really like overly manicured gardens myself..rambling and natural is the best! Gx

  5. Hihi your cat is so cute:.) I love that colour...
    Lovely garden photos


  6. I didn't see you lurking in the undergrowth! Thanks for visiting me in the garden. I spend all my time just keeping my wild garden under control, that is all you can do. No two gardens are the same, and you have the garden how you and the cat like it! x

  7. I hate overly manicured..and I hate straight lines in a garden..I just like things to be natural and yes, a wild bit is a must! Nice pics ;-)

  8. I have enjoyed your garden it looks so interesting. I like a more natural look anyway, I am a buy a plant and shove it somewhere type.. hate straight lines of plants.

  9. That is a very impressive fluffy tail!

  10. Hello ..Thank you for your visit and kind comments about my garden.
    Your quote worries me too..
    I think my garden just proves how neurotic I am... Never 100% satisfied and totally indecisive!
    I love natural gardens and nature always does it best.
    Your cat is a very handsome beast!


  11. My garden will never be manicured either. I tend to let nature take its course, which also lets me off the hook a lot!


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