Monday, 12 May 2008

White Wisteria

The wisteria flowered this year. We inherited this plant more than 10 years ago and it has never had more than a couple of measly looking flowers. This year it has produced more than a handful of white flowers with a lavender tinge and for the first time I noticed that the blooms are scented. The blooms are about a foot long and are really quite spectacular.

Our neighbourhood has done well with the wisteria this year and nearby houses are covered in the purple flowers. My wisteria excels in foliage and no matter how much it is cut back the foliage always outweighs the blooms. It provides an excellent nesting place for the birds so they're happy about it!
It is difficult to see the flowers in the picture above but there are about 10 flowers open with more in bud.
This Aubretia is definitely my gardening ally. It pops up all around the garden, filling in the gaps in unsightly concrete and cracked paving. It requires no maintainence and returns every spring. My kind of plant.


Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful white wisteria. Our neighbour has lilac wisteria on her house and it;s breathtaking. I only noticed the scent today. Yours is so pretty


My kind of plant, is all plants! Very difficult to keep me away from a plant nursery. Lovely to see photos of yours. I haven't got room for wisteria, such a jolly shame! x

Sal said...

I really love the Wisteria and the scent is gorgeous.
I think the little purple/blue plant is a Campanula.
Lovely pics. Sal;-)

Gina said...

Your wisteria is stunning! I would love to get one here..just need something for it to climb on..

Dragonfly said...

My pesky wisteria flowered early this year so I didn't get to enjoy it too much. But it did smell divine as I brushed past it each day to let my hens out.
I don't think I've ever seen a white one...

Katherines Dream said...

I love wisteria, especially the white one. I have a baby one on my pergola...still no flowers!
Isn't it great when little plants appear from nowwhere and always look so at home and pretty.
Carol x

periwinkle said...

I was just about to say I think it's Campanula but Sal beat me to it. Your Wisteria is just lovely.
Lisa x

Lucy @ attic24 said...

I love aubretia too we have some sprawling away in our front garden.
I think Sal is right though :: your purple flowers are campanula not aubretia, although they are v similar, the flowers of campanula are more bell-like...hope you don't mind us telling you??
Your wisteria is wonderful too, I love the way the flowers drip.

Simone said...

Thanks for all your comments. On closer inspection I think that the 'Aubretia' is in fact Campanula as the flowers are bell shaped. Thanks to all of you who pointed this out to me. You live and learn!

driftwood said...

the wisteria is lovely!

Cowboys & Custard said...

I would love a Wisteria and prefer the white to the lilac.. It is so pretty cascading over a wall.. There is a famous house in Bath (see blog post) that is smothered in a lilac Wisteria .. it is stunning.
I once heard a bizarre tip for helping a Wiseria to flower... one should bury a tin of rice pudding under the plant.. Strange but true!

Michele x