Saturday, 2 August 2008

Born to Quilt and a Giveaway

I was looking through the craft magazines on a recent shopping spree and was bored by all the usual card making and sewing magazines until I picked up a special copy of 'magic patch' called 'Born to Quilt'. The reason this magazine is special is that the whole issue is dedicated to Veronique Requena the Franco-Canadian artist who is the owner of the Born to Quilt shop in France. Her shop recreates the atmosphere of American quilt shops.

I cannot praise this issue of the magazine highly enough. I am so inspired by the words and pictures that I really want to become a quilter NOW!!!

I should think there is something in the magazine to please everyone. There is a sewing machine cover, quilted notebook covers (shown below), quilted cats, bags, quilts, wall hangings etc. There are large projects and small projects for beginners to the more advanced quilters.

The photography in this magazine is superb. I only wish my pictures could do it justice.

The beautiful quilt above is at a level for beginners. I love the soft and muted shades.

The quilt featured above is for more advanced quilters.

The pretty little piece above is a doiley. This may be one of the first projects I attempt from the magazine.

A huge plus factor about this particular issue is that all the patterns are given as full sized so there is no photocopying or scaling up required. Have I told you how fantastic this magazine is?!!! Edited: some of the patterns require enlarging but most are full sized.

In addition to all the lovely projects (I think there are 15 in total) there are beautiful pictures of Veronique's home and shop and of her handsome Chocolate Labrador named Jules.

I love this magazine very much (could you guess?) and it has already become very well-thumbed through. I had to share all this gorgeousness with you so I bought another copy.

Would you like to be in with a chance of winning it? If so, then leave a comment here suggesting where Veronique could open a shop in the UK where it is easy to get to and from Dover or just a comment in general and I will draw a name out of a hat (or similar) next Wednesday. Good luck! By the way if you would like to visit Veronique's website it is

The competition is now closed. I will be drawing a name later today!


  1. Wow, I would love to win that magazine - hope it's OK if you put my name in the hat - I'm not a quilter at all but would love to start and was positively drooling over those images. Really inspiring. It looks as though it might give tips for the beginner too.

    A quilted doiley too? Magic.

  2. Hi I just found your blog - so don't really feel right entering a giveaway on my first visit - however lush the magazine looks. However I did want to say hi and comment on how lovely your blog is :o) I have truly enjoyed my visit here!

    Have a lovely day

  3. It is so nice of you Simone to go and buy another copy of the magazine. I think maybe the perfect place for a UK outlet would be Royal Tunbridge Wells, as not too far from Dover. I look forward to seeing some of your quilting, once you get up and running. I do not want to be placed in the draw, as I would rather someone who already enjoys quilting to win this great giveaway. x

  4. It looks a fabulous magazine!
    Maybe Canterbury?
    Shame that Devon is nowhere near Dover!!;-)

  5. just thought I'd say "hi" found you via Twiggy's blog, I'd like to enter the draw....
    what a lovely magazine, and full size patterns as well, I love the sewing machine cover, mine just has a horrible beige plastic thing over it, not very inspiring at all
    Josie x

  6. I too just found your blog and I too would like to experiment quilting...
    But I suppose, I have to learn how to use a sweing machine first...
    Maybe if I win your generous give-away, and have a look at the magazine, that`s all I need to finally get motivated to learn how to sew...
    Kisses Kisses

  7. Oh, what a lovely looking magazine, and very timely too. I have inexplicably not wanted to crochet this week (!!) and have instead been having fanciful ideas about patchwork and quilting, so pleeease do enter me into the draw. Would you say Yorkshire was near dover? No? Shame.
    ps Simone, meant to say last week its soooooooo nice to have you back bloggin, you were missed!

  8. Oh I sooooooooooooooooo need that magazine! It is gorgeous! And why doesn't she open a shope in Durham - at least it starts with the same letter as Dover - and then it would be nice and near for me!

    Lucy xxx

  9. What a fantastic magazine, Veronique should definitely open a shop at the corner of my road!

  10. I bought this magazine because of the pictures when I flicked through it in the shop a few weeks back. I've never felt I could patchwork, but you're right, it is an amazing magazine, and it's certainly inspired me. I just wish I could pop and visit her lovely shop. Now that would be bliss! What a lovely post you did about it. I would so love it if she opened a UK shop - with easy courses for beginners! Caroline x


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