Friday, 31 October 2008

Farewell October

Goodbye to you October. I won't miss you. You have been the most tumultuous month of the year. This is the month that Peppercorn's life was taken.

This is the month where I was tormented weekly trying so very hard to paint the folds in fabric.

It is this month that had snowfall for the first time in the UK in October for 70 years.

These are the fungi that have invaded my lawn tempting me to eat them with their sickly sweet smell. All the more beautiful for the frosty sprinkling. I would not be tempted though, especially in October.

I wouldn't tempt fate to eat them even if they were edible. Definitely not in October.

The berries are especially abundant this year. We could be in for a hard winter.

A fir tree in my garden has fruited for the first time ever. October sure has been a month of peculiarities.
As the night sky descends on this last night in October I am ready to put the month behind me. I am looking forward to a sense of calm for November. It surely can't be a worse month than October.


  1. you've had a hard October. I hate October - too many sad anniversaries.

    April xx

  2. Hope November is better for you... but even though October was not too good,your photos are lovely.
    Have a good weekend ;-)

  3. Simone, I am so sure November will be better for you. I have my fingers crossed. Be good to yourself!

  4. Simone, wishing you a happy month, and a peaceful run up to christmas.
    D x

  5. Your photos are wonderful. October has been a strange month especially in the garden with such weird and wonderful things happening. I can quite understand your wanting to see the end of October. I hope November is good to you and your family:)

  6. I do so hope November is better. Strage things are happening aren't they? Sorry to hear about peppercorn.
    and as regards the pumpkin seeds... i am sure they would do too!
    A happy November weekend to you.
    with love
    Ginny xx

  7. I am having a wee bit of trouble with this laptop this is moving far too quickly for me....or maybe the red wine is working too much!
    October has been a bad month this year for all sorts of reasons.
    I am sure November will be better.
    Lets hope so.
    Take care and much love,
    Carol xx

  8. I think your 'fir' tree is actually a Yew tree as I love the little berries with holes ? I hope November is much better for you
    lisa x

  9. Do you know Simone, I have had a grotty October too. Even my birthday passed me by this year. I vow to have a better month in November. I really hope you do too. x

  10. I think your watercolour painting is very good - keep up the good work:0)

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog, I am so sorry to hear about your pet, however, if I were a chicken I think I would rather enjoy the freedom to roam in your garden than be shut up all day in a cage. You gave your pet the most important thing any living creature can have and that is quality of life.

    I hope November is a happy month for you:)

  12. I am sorry to hear that last month was littered with sadness for you Simone..
    You have captured the essence of Autumn so beautifully in your photos..
    Onwards and upwards is my motto.. and I hope November proves to be a calmer and rosier month for you.

    With love
    Michele x
    P.s thank you for your lovely comment!

  13. Wishing you a much happier November, hope it's full of good things for you. I agree, I think it's going to be a long, hard winter (ever the optimist)

  14. Hope November is better for you.

  15. oh those fungal plants do NOT look healthy! thank goodness you arent tempting fate! once long ago, we were at a family reunion... my gramma saw some mushrooms near a tree and they were BIG AND YELLOW! she started stomping on them... that moment made me hate mushrooms for some reason... havent eaten one since... and that was like 15yrs ago!!!

    your painting is wonderful!!! what will november hold for you artwise?!

  16. Thanks for stopping by the other day! I like your advice. I do usually try to stay focused on other things or find a distraction but sometimes it's difficult. Sorry to hear October has been difficult. One of the things that helps me is to remember it's all temporary. It's nice to know it doesn't last.

  17. yes its been a very strange month I loved your watercolours keep posting them I love seeing them

  18. Lovely pics, how nice that your fir tree flowered..hope November is going well! :D


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