Monday, 1 December 2008

Giveaway, Garden and Gizmo

November was a good month for me. I managed to get quite a bit of crafting done and the month just flew by. The photo above shows some of the things that I made including a wool felt heart brooch, snowmen tags, cross-stitched angel card and an embroidered heart filled with whole cloves and crushed cinnamon sticks. If you would like to receive the goods shown above then leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner the first weekend in December. Good luck!

Today is a glorious winter's day. The sun is low in the sky and the air is crisp.

The garden is overgrown and green and full of berries. I particularly like the look of these translucent red berries but have no idea what they are!

Would you believe the picture above was taken today the 1st December 2008 in my back garden in the UK? I wonder where the plane is jetting off to?

The Camellia is in bud. This is smothered in red flowers when in bloom.

I don't know what this plant is but I like its structure.

What is that moving in the undergrowth? I thought as much. It's Gizmo.

What's he up to now?

Look at that face.

My naughty, gorgeous, ginger boy.


  1. Oh wow look at all those goodies - you have been busy! And that Gizmo - boy look at that face :o)

  2. ginger kitties have such great faces!

  3. How sweet of you!! I love Gizmo,he is such a cute baby.

  4. oh what a wonderful giveaway!! your snowman tags are DARLING!!!!!!! your ornament is cute too and so is the brooch... and stitching- so clean and pretty!!!! i can't believe you are just getting spring [right?] and we are heading into a brisk and cold winter... we have a ton of snow here today and our windows are so drafty :(

    your kitty is too cute... i just love that pink pink nose of his!! does it get even more pink when he is all excited?! my sam's does :)

  5. Hi Ellia!
    We are heading into winter too but you wouldn't think so from the photos would you? They really do look spring like. Yes! Gizmo's nose does get even more pink when he is all excited or being naughty. It positively glows!!!

  6. Lovely photos, Simone!
    Yet again you appear to have been sooo busy!! ;-)

  7. A lovely giveaway, I love the Noel hearts. I made a couple for the fair and brought them both home with me again! never mind, one can go on my tree and one on Katies! I still keep buying hearts as well! I really should stop now otherwise people will talk!!
    Your cat is gorgoeus, very cute, does he like a cuddle?
    Carol xx

  8. What lovely goodies Simone!
    Our winters are lovely to look at aren't they from the warmth of indoors, but not much fun to get up early in and set off to work - still, have to earn a crust don't we!!:0)

  9. What a lovely giveaway :) Your kittie is so cute - even though you say he's naughty I bet it's hard to get cross with him when he has such a cute face!

  10. Lovely goodies Simone, you have been busy. Our camelia is in bud too, I love it when it flowers. That ginger boy is such a cutie, he reminds me of my childhood cat perno, he was a cream coloured puss, ginger dad and white mum. :o)

  11. We,ve had snow today and the birds have already eaten nearly all the berries off next doors bush - well I should say Mrs Blackbird ate them. Gizmo is just adorable - as are your goodies...
    Lisa x

  12. Lovely crafting there -what sweet snowmen!

    I'm a bit worried about those berries - I think they may be a kind of nightshade - yeech! The beautiful spray of greenish berries will soon turn black - they're ivy berries and great for bird nosh and shelter during the winter months - they'll thank you for leaving the berries and foliage.

    What a stunning sky. I love crisp sunny winter days. Emma x

  13. Oh! I would so love to win those goodies. I especially love the little heart brooch. Gorgeous!



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