Friday, 2 January 2009

Kew Gardens 2009

The first day of January 2009 was spent in a winter's chill at Kew's beautiful botanical gardens. The picture above shows some of the detail of the architecture of the Temperate House which is said to be the world's largest surviving Victorian glass structure.

From the end of November to 4th January an ice rink is set up in front of the Temperate House. It was too cold for skating for me though! Fingers numb from the cold we sought solace inside the Temperate House and took in the warmth and greenery surrounding us. It was a welcome sight after the bleak grey sky that hung over us outside.

This little Robin came to greet us. He was the most rotund Robin I have ever seen! You just can't tell how plump he really was from this photograph!

I didn't get to see the front of this statue but it has a great behind!

Lovely bright green ferns.

A winding staircase.

A view from the balcony after climbing up the winding staircase.

Back out in the ground we walked across to the Treetop Walkway. As you can see it is a long way up!

As we followed the crowds along the walkway I was shocked at how much the structure wobbled and felt like I was bobbing up and down in a boat!
This view is of a museum across the Palm House Pond. The pond had frozen over apart from the area surrounding the fountain.

The picture above is of the Palm House. Inside is a tropical environment - hot and humid. Such a contrast to the weather outside.

This is the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Inside there are many types of cactus plants.

Every single plant at Kew is labelled.
This looks like something out of Dr Who.

Yet more cactus plants........

.....and more.

Away from the Princess of Wales Conservatory we made our way to the 'Badgers Sett'. Outside was this huge wooden carving of a badger.

The 'Badgers Set' is a series of tunnels for 'humans' to enter and explore.

I wasn't up for exploring the home of a badger but I was up for exploring Kew. I had the most wonderful day out in the fresh air and hope to have many more outings in 2009.


  1. I frequently used to go over to Kew when we lived in it still a penny to get in? It was in those days!

  2. Looks like you had a great day. Love the cute little robin :) x

  3. Kew is one of the places that I would really love to visit. Your photographs make it look really beautiful. I especially like the pictures of the ferns and the spiral stairs.

  4. What lovely photo's. I last went to Kew on very cold day last year. Maybe one day I will visit again.

  5. I absolutely love kew gardens!
    We normally go once a year; it has made me look forward to spring now seeing your photos. All of my tree ferns are all wrapped up and for winter.
    I can’t wait to start buying my seeds, and planning the veg garden.
    Happy New Year!

  6. It looks like a gorgeous place -- do you have to 'crawl' inside the sett ?
    lisa x

  7. Simone, how beautiful. The cactus were so interesting with all the different shapes. I love the statues behind too!!

  8. How funny - I did a post about going to Kew Gardens on New Years Day! How funny thinking we could have been queuing behind each other to get up that treetop walkway. I didn't bargain on how much it would sway either! It was a brilliant free day.

  9. Looks wonderful, Simone - what great photos - I haven't been to Kew for ages. I don't blame you for not visiting the Badger's sett:) Happy New Year:)

  10. We usually make do with sandwiches, as it's so expensive eating out with 3 kiddies, but as it was free to get in, I was determined to have a day off! ;-)
    I'm jealous that you found the badger sett - we explored it a couple of years ago (at least!) and just ran out of time. I'd have loved to roam around there again. x

  11. Lovely Kew pics, Simone, I used to visit regularly when I lived a couple of miles up the road for many years. A very happy new year to you, hope it is all you dream of.
    Diana x
    ps Walter sends a woof hello!

  12. Happy New Year. What fab photos. It does look cold there though, good job that robins a bit of a bruiser. lol xxxx

  13. I have never been to Kew but have been meaning to for years, lovely pic's.
    Wishing you all the very best in 2009 Simone.
    Carol xxx

  14. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    I’m glad it’s not just me with lots of craft ideas, good luck with yours!
    Lou xxx

  15. How lovely to have a free tour of Kew!
    I last visited five years ago on a hot summer's day... in the days when we had hot summers.
    It is a magical place and I remember thinking at the time.. how lovely it would have been to ride a bicycle around the gardens to get around all the different corners..
    Happy New Year to you Simone... I do hope it is a good one for you!
    Michele xx

  16. What lovely pictures of Kew, Simone - I've never been, it looks like a great day out.

    Thanks for visiting my blog ... always good to find another "Tess" fan!!
    Willow x


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