Saturday, 28 March 2009

Project Updates

I started this blanket on February 13th and have been working on it during the evenings on and off. It is getting quite weighty now and I really want to hurry up and finish it as I have so many more projects that I want to start.

When I started to make this blanket I had no real purpose for it other than to create it for creations sake! I have a home full of incomplete projects so I do want to see this one through to completion.

Now on to the pond. The hole that I dug has now been filled in! After digging it I realised that the pond shelves were not quite wide enough, so I dug some more. The 'small nature pond' ending up getting bigger and bigger. I hadn't taken into consideration that I had been digging on a slope or what kind of edging I was going to use to hold down the liner, the amount of people traffic that would be passing by the pond etc etc. So I have learned a valuable lesson. In the future I will plan ahead and prepare before getting stuck in! I will still have a pond but at a different spot in the garden. For now I have a blanket to be completed before the summer sets in and many more creative projects in the 'planning' stage.


  1. What a shame about the pond but better to have it in a more suitable place in the garden. The blanket is really pretty and looks almost complete now:)

  2. Lovley to feel this buzz of creativity around you.
    That blanket is so very scumtious and actualy in my opinion you have worked very fast on it. Thank you Simone for your understanding comment on my blog today, it means a lot to me. I have a rotten virusy thing at the moment to don't know how much posting I am going to be doing this in These next few days. Maybe a lot because I might be snuggled up with the lap top, or maybe none because i'll be snuggled up with a good book a pile of knitting and a honey and lemon. Best of luck with your pond, I almost made the same mistake as you. Luckily my son put me wise on ponds.
    Hope you have a good weekend
    Much love

  3. Gosh, that's really big now and the colours work nicely together too - how much bigger will it get? I don't think you can beat a crocheted or knitted blanket for warmth - it's the weight that makes them so warm.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love Julia :0)

  4. LOve the blanket! It looks great on your chaise lounge (spelling???)
    anyway hope you persevere with the pond and you will be rewarded with lots of lovely wildlife.

  5. That is so absolutely beautiful, I think the colours look just perfect. You must be so proud of it!

    Mel xxx

  6. The blanket looks great well done. I wished I had your patience.I started one but it is sitting next to me with only a few rows done.

  7. Your blanket is coming along great - it's lovely.. My parents have just a little pond and they love it , in the summer the birds go mad having baths , great fun to watch.. hopefully you will get yours .
    Lisa x

  8. You are doing a lovely job with the blanket it is beautiful; I would love one like that for my bed!
    I always start things in the garden without really thinking about it, I’m sure the pond will look lovely when you do another one.
    Love Lou xxx

  9. I keep dreaming of having a little wildlife pond. My garden doesn't seem to have the perfect spot though. I'll be interested to find out where you put yours and how it turns out. I would have done exactly the same as you - I'm an impulsive creature!! ;)

  10. Oh my! Simone your blanket is amazing!!! You must have spent hours on it, I love the colours you've chosen!

    I had to giggle though, when I read about your unfinished projects around the house, I am much the same with alot of things, but have made a vow with myself to see my blanket through to the end, I couldnt bear it to end up languishing half finished somewhere!

    Sending you love, and thank you for the lovely comments on my blog today.
    Julia xxx

  11. Oh wow your blanket is beautiful.

  12. Better luck with the new spot for the pond. :)

    The blankie is looking great with all its colors!! Can't wait to see it totally done. :)


  13. Oh I love your blanket! Great colours!! "D

  14. Simone...this blanket is so pretty. Such soothing colors and it looks totally cozy too...I could use it right about's snowing here today!!

  15. Simone...sorry I am a bit late!
    Your crochet throw is beautiful, very neat.
    I have projects unfinished...lots of. Now I should be trying to finish at least one, but know here I am again visiting.
    Carol x


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