Saturday, 4 April 2009


Look at my lovely ginger boy Gizmo giving me a big hug......................NOT!!!!!

Events unfolded as follows. Gizmo was just having a relaxing morning out in the garden and I thought it would be fun to take some photos of him. 'GIZMO' I shouted loudly so that he would look up and I could get a good picture.

He put on his photo face and I quickly snapped a picture.

He then narrowed his eyes. I had upset his peace. It was payback time! As I bent down to stroke him he grabbed my arm and started to bite the hand that dared to take his photo! I don't think he could open his mouth any wider.

Here my wrist is engulfed in his huge jaw. He looks like a lion gnawing away at his prey.

He soon grew tired and having taught me a lesson....................................

..........................went off into the bushes where he wouldn't be disturbed.


  1. Lawks Simone, certain celebrities behave a little like that when the paparazzi snap them. Does he ever frequent the Ivy?

  2. silverpebble has hit the nail on the head, your kitty is definitely giving you some star treatment lol.
    Well he is sooooo handsome.

  3. p.s.
    Your April in the Garden photo's are Wonderful!!!

  4. He certainly wanted to make you pay for disturbing him. He is lovely though x

  5. What a handsome chap he is:) Good job your arm was well covered:)

  6. He's still gorgeous...even with jaws wide open!!

  7. Gizmo dislikes having his photo taken every bit as much as I do! I hope your hand's OK Simone. x

  8. Awwww hes a real handsome fella x thankyou for commenting on my blog Paula x

  9. Oh Gizmo!!!!! It's tough being famous and handsome! Hope your hand has recovered.

  10. So cute, and what a handsome chap he is!
    I loved the picture of you with your hand in his mouth!
    Have a lovely week Simone…love Lou xxx

  11. I know the feeling-Sometimes hubby and I dare each other to touch Lucy's belly. It is so lovley and fluffy looking but highly sensitive and she would have your hand off in an instant!

  12. Gizmo!!! time nice other times naughty...he is a cutie though...very pretty eyes!

  13. Ooh a wild cat ;)

    My old cat used to go really mean and feral once he got outside, but indoors he was gentle as anything!!!

    Mel xxx

  14. I used to have a cat that did that every time I tried to leave the house ... he wasn't as handsome as Gizmo though :-)
    lisa x

  15. I think Gizmo can get away with this kind of macho behaviour seeing as he is such a handsome beast..
    Pickles is the only one in our family who is allowed to bite me!!!!!

    Happy Easter Simone..

    Michele xx

  16. Hi Simone, Well that naughty little Gizmo, our cat Tom does exactly the same thing with no warning what so everand often draws blood, but we still love them don't we and who couldn't fall for Gizmo he is so handsome.
    Happy Easter....

  17. Oh! I know I shouldn't laugh, but this post had me in stitches! It's the exact same expression on his face that my Daisy car gets ... just before she sinks her teeth into my wet ankle, as I step delicately out of the shower!! No one knows why she does it, but I think she just hates me, as she has never done it to my Hubby!!

    Willow xx

  18. OOps ... meant to say "Daisy cat" .. not "car" !!

    Willow x


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