Sunday, 19 April 2009

Today in my Garden

Ferns unfurling.

Creatures visiting.

Borage blooming.

Dandelion looking dandy.

Hardy Geraniums invading.

Aquilegia looking pretty.

Glossy foliage gleaming.

Fluffy clouds floating.

Camelia showing off!

Ivy creeping.

Rhubarb for the taking.

Gizmo dozing. Edited: There are more garden images over at Mutant Trees!


funkymonkey said...

We've had a weekend trying to improve the garden. Things here are quite behind where you live Simone. My aquilega aren't anywhere near opening any flowers yet. I think Gizmo has the best idea...lazing in a sunny spot. Your garden is looking lovley already.

Sal said...

What a fab day it's been,Simone!
Hope you have really enjoyed your garden today! Your photos are great! ;-)

Lyn said...

Your Aquilegia out already! their other names-grannys bonnets and colombine are prettier names I think!

Rosie said...

It has been a glorious day in the garden hasn't it? Lovely photos - our aquilegias are no where near as forward as yours - we had a crumble with rhubarb out of the garden today:)

Judy said...

Beautiful!!! I loved watching Gizmo sleeping too.

Vickie said...

Love your photos! It isn't quite that nice here yet. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the kind comments! It was a very nice surprise to have you drop by!

Gina said...

Your garden's thriving..lovely Borage..I bet the bees love it! "D

Pipany said...

Don't you just love this time of year Simone? It all seems to be burgeoning now and is so beautiful x

lou said...

I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures; I love the picture of Gizmo!
What a beautiful garden you have!
Love Lou xxx

louise said...

Beautiful photos Simone. I am so glad you didn't disturb Gizmo! Your aquilegia and borage are flowering so early! x

greenbeanbaby said...

wow, can i visit your garden ?! its sooo beautiful!!!!! you take care of it so well and its sooooo inviting!!!! we dont even have ANY grass in our new place... no room for plants [not that i have a green thumb] and i do love that cat of yours!!

hugs sweet simone!

cathleen said...

You took great photos, Simone...but I guess, as much as I love flowers, I am partial to your photo of little old Gizmo stretched out on the garden bench soaking up the spring sunshine. He sure looks cozy! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures!

Julia said...

oooooooh your garden is just radiant with colour isn't it? I love the picture of your cat, indeed he is almost identical to my sister's except her moggy, Chivers - I think he looks very content!

Lovely inspiring post, thankyou

With love
Julia xxx

Purl Crossly said...

Lovely garden photos. I have to live vicariously by the photos of others as we still have snow where I live in Canada. Thanks for sharing them.

skippinginthemeadow said...

Glorious pictures
Love the little bug on the borage
and the heart-shaped cloud is wonderful!!
Your Camelia is very showy indeed, what a beauty!!
Gorgeous Gizmo is becoming a familiar presence now =^.^=
I have a lot of those invading geraniums too.
My Aquiligia has not bloomed yet :o( yours is a lovely colour.
I'll pop over and see the pics on mutant trees now x

Rosie said...

The weather has been lovely hasn't it?. I wishe dmy was as half as nice. Your garden looks beautiful and of course Gizmo looks as gorgeous as ever.

Tillybud said...

We are a way behind you too! Your cat really cracks me up - I wish I had a furry friend like that.

Beansieleigh said...

I LOVE all these photos Simone! I'm even wondering if I can use your ladybug photo for my desktop? It's my favorite out of this group!In fact I know someone else who would like this one too. I'll have to let her know!.. Of course I always love the photos of Gizmo too! It's good to see him enjoying Spring with the rest of us!! (0:

skippinginthemeadow said...

Hi Simone
Many thanks for your comments on my blog.
Lovely to come and see your gorgeous photographs again.
Hope you have a super weekend

skippinginthemeadow said...

Hi Simone
I've come to thank you for all your lovely comments, as well as admire all your beautiful photographs again.
How is the artwork coming along? I love everything that has benn happening over at mutant trees.
Hope you have a lovely time over the May holiday

The Curious Cat said...

Your Gizmo is adorable!! xxx

Kitschen Pink said...

If I looked as good as that Camelia I'd be showing off too! Scary looking ladybird! t.x