Sunday, 5 July 2009

Donut Peaches and Cats

I bought these donut peaches from the market last friday.

They were sweet and juicy and had a tiny little stone in the centre.

Who is that trying to get in on the act? Can you see the black and white cat in the top right hand corner of the picture?

He's come over to have a nose around. 'Hello Minky'.

'What's that?'

'Oh it's just Minky.'

'Now where was I?'


  1. my youngest picked one of these up in the grocers the other day and said, 'mummy, look at the squashed peach!'... i have to admit that until i saw the label i too thought it was a squashed one... i have never seen these before this year... what are you going to make with yours... that is if they are not eaten already?
    ginny x

  2. They're odd shape peaches not seen those before. Are they sweet? I'll have to look out for those

  3. Crikey, I must look out for those peaches, Simone!
    I've not seen them before.

  4. I do love your pretty curved steps Simone. I have a thing about stone and steps generally. Not tried one of those peaches yet x

  5. The peaches look wonderful - never seen them before - very unusual! Ah, you have a feline 'visitor' too! Gizmo looks as if he's too tired to make the effort to greet Minky - he knows how beautiful he looks on your lovely stone steps:)

  6. Iv'e never seen such big peaches, I bet the juice dribbled all down your chin and Minky was having a laugh!

  7. Now that is what you call a peach!

    Your cats are so cute!

    Love Lou xxx

  8. Hi Simone! I have SEEN these peaches before, but have never tried them. Were they good? As always, I LOVE the kitties! Is Minky yours? I liked "Pebbles on a Beach", from your previous post too!.. Makes me wish I was ON a beach, actually! (0;

  9. Hello there!

    I got myself some of these too a week or so ago, and arent they delicious?? Our local grocer had them on the counter at 20p each or 6 for a £1...bit less than the ones I saw vacuum packed on polystyrene trays in a large well known chain department store food hall! (not much change from a fiver if you get my drift)

    Hope you enjoyed them, I love your cats too!!

    Love Julia xxx

  10. I haven't seen donut peaches. I shall be on the lookout from now on, they look delicious. Gizmo seems unpreturbed by the presence of Minky in the garden. Maybe he didn't want to move and risk losing the lovely spot he had found in the garden to nap? x

  11. I love donut peaches. Our Colorado peaches are ripe now so I'm eating lots of those. I want to make some peach jam too.

  12. What funny looking peaches!! I don't like peaches since having one whilst walking round York as a child complaining to my parents I was tired. Turned out I had a throat infection, and now all I remember when I try eating one is how horrid that one peach tasted never mind it was due to my infection and not the peaches fault!! shame really... they look so juicy and delicious too!!

  13. I've never heard of or seen these donut peaches..they're so they taste nice too :)


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