Saturday, 29 August 2009

Lanzarote 2009

A view from the beach.

Camels waiting to take tourists on a trek.

The door to our apartment. (Only kidding!)

Demonstration of the heat under the ground at the Timanfaya National Park. Some straw was put in a hole a couple of metres below ground and it immediately ignited!

Looking into a volcano.

The lunar-like landscape of the solidified lava flows.

The green lagoon at El Golfo.

I believe the works above and below to be that of Cesar Manrique.

He was a locally born artist of Lanzarote whose work and influence can be seen all over the island. The pictures of these huge fish sculptures were taken in the hotel we were staying at.


Lyn said...

I love Lanzarote and your photos brought back lots of lovely memories.

Rosie said...

Welcome back - super photos, I've never been to Lanzarote so I really enjoyed looking at them :)

Julia said...

Looks as though you've had a fabulous time - I wondered where you were!

Love Julia:0)

Carol said...

Welcome Home Simone.
Yours photos are very interesting, I have often wondered what Lanzarote was like as my sister and her boyfriend love this island.
It looks like you had a fab time and ventured a bit further than the beach or pool!
The lagoon must have been really interesting.
Carol x

Judy said...

What breathtaking photos. It is so beautiful. I want one of those camel rides. How fun that would be!

cathleen said...

Simone, these are wonderful photos but where in the world is Lanzorote? Well, I guess I could just Google it!!!! Happy to see you back to posting...because I missed you!

Gina said...

Wow..what an interesting place! the art to find out where it is! :)

lou said...

Lovely too see you back! I think the best thing about blogging is looking at every ones pictures…it looks a fab place to visit, I have never been there.

The art work is so unusual!!!

Love Lou xxx

Amanda and Tim said...

Oh Simone it looks like you had the best time in Lanzarote *huge grin* aren't late summer holidays the best?!

summerfete said...

Hi Simone

I am on the up thanks. Especially after reading about your skirt blowing up!

Though I could do with a nice holiday like yours!


Redwoodhouse said...

Hi Simone,
Your holiday looks fantastic ,amazing pictures.
How spooky the orange light in the sky was, makes you think doesn't it.
Love your cards.

funkymonkey said...

I've never been to Lanzarote, but it looks beautiful.


louise said...

So glad you had a great time in Lanzarote Simone. I was beginning to wonder if you were up to something in your absence? There are some fantastic sights to be seen in The Canaries, with some areas really making you feel like you have stepped out onto another planet! I vaguely remember Cesar Manrique displays when we've visited the island in the past. It would be great to have a go at replicating similar, with shapes of bright coloured materials? x