Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Arrival

Overnight they come in their masses

Weaving in and out of the blackberries

Setting up silvery traps

Strung like garlands across the garden

They patiently wait for an unsuspecting visitor

And then seize upon them in a

Frenzy of action

Cocooning them to feast upon

The spiders are here

September has arrived

Poem by Simone 12/9/2009


Rosie said...

I love the poem. One fell on me whilst I was tidying up my garden today. I don't like spiders!!!!

KC'sCourt! said...

We had a rather large spider in a rather large web through the whole of the autumn last year, it was fascinating to watch as he/she just sat in the middle of his/her web, and if he/she wasn't there and the web was gently rocked by the breeze of the wind or me at the compost bin it would appear out of no-where! The web was attached between the shed the old spade handle and the compost bin so it was seen nearly every day!

Lyn said...

Thats beautiful Simone. So true too! they are everywhere, I put washing on the line this morning and went to hang out more about 1 hour later and they had made webs all over it!

Lyn said...

Simone let me know if you want to join my PIF. I am sure anything you make will be great. What about those lovely notecards you made!!!

Ali said...

You write so beautifully about them. But I don't feel nearly so well disposed towards the eight legged devils who have festooned my entire house with cobwebs. Much prettier outside in the dew.

Carol said...

lol.... love it Simone.
I have been clearing the webs this afternoon, bless them!
I always fell a little guilty for doing just that.
Carol xxxxxxxxxxx

sweetmyrtle said...

i love spiders webs... though not when i accidentally walk into one.

summerfete said...


louise said...

Yes, I know. I keep walking into them in the garden. Yuk! My OH has got one of these spiders in a web just outside his workshop. It's great company! x

Julia said...

Excellent Simone! I was completely rubbish at poetry when I was at school:0)

Judy Hartman said...

Simone, i love this poem!!

Thank you very much for visiting me and for all your lovely coments!!

Judy :~)

Judy said...

What a great poem. I enjoyed the post very much.

Carol said...

Thank you Simone for your Birthday Wishes.
I am being taken out for the day!
Carol x

Rosie said...

Great poem, Simone - I'm always on edge in the garden at this time of year in case I walk into a spider's web and end up with a spider on me!:)

periwinkle said...

oh I missed your giveaway :-(, maybe next time.. Last year we had one of those spiders lay eggs in one of our conifers and as much as i really really don't like spiders I was fascinated watching the babies - it was an amazing thing to see them all huddle together until they got bigger and then let themselves be blown away on their webs .

Gina said...

I love your poem and the photos are great too!
I don't mind them..from a distance :)