Friday, 9 October 2009

A Request for Help and Advice

Hello fellow crafters and bloggers and visitors! Thank you very much for the kind and positive comments about opening up Linden Grove Mercantile.

It is early days and I am new and inexperienced with this whole shop thing. I am trying to price up items at a fair but realistic price but haven't included my time in setting the prices. I hope that I have got it about right.

Anyway, when I decided to open up a blog shop (got to pay for the crafting somehow!) I didn't take into account that the majority of people stopping by, would be fellow crafters who already make their own items. This is where all you fellow crafters come in. I am looking for advice on how to market the shop to a wider audience. How do I let users of the Internet know that I am here? Are there any other ways you can think of to help me to promote my new venture?
Obviously, the more things that I sell the more income I will have to make new things for the shop. My ambition is to have lots of varied and limited edition items.

If you think you will be able to give me some helpful suggestions on marketing my shop then please do leave a comment here. In about a weeks time I will put all the names in a draw and pick one out to win a pack of 3 owl tags now available in the shop.

Thank you for your continued help and support and have a great weekend! x

p.s. A special thank you to the lovely lady who bought some fairy cards.


Carol said...

Hi simone,
you have been very busy, I have just got back from a peep in your shop, the Fairy Cards are very pretty.
I love the new tags too. I heard quite a few owls during the night on our recent camp!
I wish you lots of luck with everything, quite interesting setting up your own on-line shop, i hope you sell well, this is a great time of year to make a start.
Best wishes,
Carol x

silverpebble said...

These are some very lovely things Simone. I especially like the owls with their floral tmmies. Best of all luck with the shop. Emma

Lyn said...

I don't know much about selling things, craft fairs and I have heard Folksy is good???
Good luck with it. I love the owls too!

Helen said...

Wow, Simone I have just found you via you comment on my blog. I adore your owls. What a brilliant idea.

And I also love your felt flower brooches.

I have added you to my blog links if that's OK

lou said...

I don’t think I’m much help too you with selling…but what I will say is the shop is fab and I can see you doing really well.

Have a lovely weekend love Lou xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

Love those owls!
Have a go I did!
Julie xxxxx

Rosie said...

I can't help you very much I'm afraid as I have no experience of selling on line - I was watching TV today about people who sell both cards and cakes over the internet and both were finding alternatives to Royal Mail - 'tis such a shame but can't blame them in the run up to Christmas - perhaps that is something to think about? Love the owls - good luck with your venture:)

Michela said...

Hello Simone! Glad to have found your beautiful blog via Lyn's one!
Your owls are amazing!
Can I put a link to your shop with a picture of your owls on my Christmas blog? looking forward to your positive reply! Thanks!

Julia said...

Hi Simone,

Thanks for stopping by.

You've managed to do what I would like to do - sell, but I just can't get myself organised. Someone else has already mentioned 'Folksy' - that seems a good place to sell - it's a bit like 'Etsy'. Good luck anyway - love the owls!!:0)

louise said...

Having a webshop is one thing, selling is another! I know with mine, I haven't found the time to devote to it. The concept is a good idea but I believe a shop of any kind needs lots, and a regular turnover of stock, and the way you market it is so important too. If you can provide this then it's definitely a goer. Good luck Simone. x

Dragonfly said...

Good luck with your shop!! I have 3 websites, an ebay shop and blog. Its more than a full-time job!! (and causes a lot of stress as I'm not so computer-clever). I know that a lot of my friends buy through Etsy, and I've bought a few things there too. Your items are lovely - you shouldn't have any trouble!!
Cheers, Karen