Saturday, 31 October 2009

Something Fishy Going On

It was early Thursday evening and Gizmo (my cat for those not in the know) was still out. I like him to be in before dark otherwise he will stay out all night. My husband was going out but went to look for Gizmo once more before locking up the back door.

He came in a few minutes later with Gizmo. Gizmo had been found with a fish on the pathway. The fish was still alive. My husband put the fish into the nearest container which contained rainwater, informed me about what had happened and then went out. By this time it was quite dark outside.

The next morning I prepared myself to find a dead fish floating on the water. To my surprise the fish was very much alive. I put some water into a bucket and poured the fish along with the rainwater into it. Later that day my son and I went out in search of fish food.

I have no idea where the fish came from. We do not have a pond and neither do our closest neighbours. If Gizmo had taken the fish from a pond (which is probably the case) how did he get it back to our garden without harming it? How could the fish have survived so long out of water? Why didn't it die of shock?

I have had such a dilemma. Do I knock on the doors in the neighbourhood asking if any one has lost a fish?!!! What if they accuse Gizmo of stealing more than one? What if they think I am a crazy woman?!!! I decided against this cause of action.

So it seems the fish is here to stay. I will have to find a permanent solution for its habitat as it cannot stay in a tin bucket. So there it is. I have gained a fish. It is as though it fell from the sky. I feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility for its welfare. My son has named it Albert. Albert the fish. The name makes as much sense as the method in which it arrived.


  1. What a great story! You fish-savers, you!

  2. Wow! Such a strange series of events!! It seems like the fish has '9 lives'!! I think you are just meant to keep it!!
    Have a nice weekend, Cheers Karen

  3. Welcome to Albert!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for taking the time for leaving me such lovely comments!

  4. That little story made me laugh. I hope albert the fish is doing well. xxx Pixie xxx

  5. I expect the fish did fall from the sky - it may have been taken by a bird and that bird dropped it......

  6. Oh, Simone what a great story - I too think it may have been taken by a heron and dropped where Gizmo could find it! It looks as if you have a new resident in your home. Is it a big fish or a little one?

  7. It truly is a present from Gizmo!
    Is it a goldfish?
    they would be a golden couple if so! Well I think it is nice you are taking on tAlbert, he was a present after all!

  8. Hi Simone, thanks for letting me know about the fish - sounds like a nice size and a pretty one too - now I wonder if it is an Albert or an Alberta;)

  9. Wow what a great story. I think you should give the fish a good home but make sure it's nowhere Gizmo can get to it. x

  10. hi simone .. you have won a morsbag in my giveaway x
    ginny (sweetmyrtle)

  11. Maybe, Albert's a ghost fish. Just kidding. I love Gizmo, so cute!

  12. I trust Gizmo was given some extra tuna, for giving up his fish! I would believe the heron theory too. The photo of Gizmo made me smile. That, as if butter wouldn't melt look. x

  13. put up a "found" sign? .... tell "em it was on the sidewalk if somebody claims it....


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