Saturday, 7 November 2009

Things I am Thankful for no.2 and 3

No. 2. I am thankful for my Tiffany style lamp and for the warm glow it creates.

The skill in the craftsmanship of the tiny pieces of glass soldered together.

The ripples in the glass.

The accent of the rounded glass beads that allow the light to shine through so beautifully.

No 3. Receiving the morsbag from Ginny in her giveaway and being reminded of the plight of wildlife who end up dying from swallowing plastic bags in the water. I am thankful that I can reduce my negative environmental impact by using reusable fabric bags.


  1. Awo more excellent things to be grateful for. I too have decided to post about being thankful and grateful this November.
    PS PIF gift should be with you Very soon!

  2. i love your lamp... there is nothing nicer than the warmth and glow that a beautiful lampsahe gives on a cold dark evening. (apart from hot chocolate of course).
    x glad you like your morsbag.
    ginny xx

  3. What a gorgeous lamp! I'm going to join in with November Gratitude, too:)

  4. Hi Simone! What a lovely bag you've won! Have a great Sunday!

  5. Love the colours in your lamp, Simone!

  6. Love the lamp and the things you are thankful for. Hope to join in x

  7. Lovely lamp. My mum has one with dragonflies around it - beautiful too.

  8. I love Tiffany lamps too Simone....they give off such a warm, comforting light.


  9. I am really thrilled with my Morsbag, and it arrived poste haste too. I have always loved Tiffany, my favourites are the predominantly blue designs. Your lamp must look lovely in the evening. It reminds me of butterfly wings. x

  10. Lovely, Simone...the photos are so pretty.


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