Friday, 26 March 2010

Simone's Friday Cake Bake No. 10

I have given you a choice today. First up are sultana scones. Light and fluffy.

We can have them warmed through later, split and buttered with a nice hot drink.

Or would you prefer some buttery melt in the mouth shortbread?

These are really crumbly!

I was lucky to win a prize over at Rosie's blog and received them during my birthday week too!

A lovely Cath Kidston strawberry patterned mug and some sweet little wooden heart embellishments.

Thank you Rosie they were packaged up beautifully!

The tulips are looking particularly good at the moment.

They will be adorning the table for this afternoons tea. Shall I reserve you a place? Would you like sultana scones or shortbread's ( I do have a few birthday cake bakes left too!) Have a lovely weekend, whether making and eating cakes or enjoying the garden and outside spaces. See you next week. x


  1. Please, may I be greedy and a piece of shortbread and a scone? Veru pretty mug.

  2. TWO bakes? I am in a bake-eating kind of mood Simone. I am now drooling I'm afraid.

    A very belated Happy Birthday to you! Loved the cupcakes - so pretty.

  3. Simone, you've spoiled us today!
    Tea will surely taste better if served into that pretty mug you got from the lovely Rosie!;-)

  4. I look forward to your Friday cake bake ever week, please don't ever stop.
    I notice that you sell some of your lovely things you make to at your 'Linden Grove Mercantile', pity you do not sell your cakes as well!

  5. Oh please... I CAN'T make decisions like THIS!!! EVERYTHING sounds delicious!... LOVE that pretty mug you won! Congratulations! ~tina

  6. Oh, I'd really like to have some of both!

    Please move to the US.... to my neighborhood... what time is tea? :-)

  7. Scones or shortbread? What a choice both look wonderful! Glad your mug arrived in one piece - hope you enjoy your first cuppa in it with one of those lovely cakes you have been baking:)

  8. oohh so yummy! loving the gift too and how fab that it should arrive on your birthday week :-) Happy birthday !

  9. A scone for me please - with lashings of jam and cream!
    I can actually make scones myself, they always turn out, unlike some of my other attempts at baking!
    Have a nice weekend
    Love Kathy xxx

  10. Hiya - shortbread would be my choice. It looks yummy.

    My gran always had homemade shortbread in her house and brought some whenever she visited and it was delicious. The stuff I make is good but not as good as hers - sigh!

    The tulips are lovely. Juliex

  11. lucky you,winning Rosie's giveaway. the mug and little hearts are gorgeous!
    mmmmmmmm i am very partial to melt-in-the-mouth shortbread and yours looks particularly scrumptious. would you mind if i helped myself to two pieces? as well as a buttered scone, if that's ok.
    your baking really is the business. i still can't get over how perfect your birthday cupcakes were.
    i am just wondering whether you'd consider giving us a little tutorial some time on how to decorate them ?

    i need to think about what to bake for next friday too...ohh, that thought is making my tummy rumble ;o)

    hugs xxx


  12. Your scones look soooo light! Gorgeous post as usual; very inspiring!

  13. Ooh, I'm a bit late for afternoon tea! I daresay only a few crumbs left on the cakeplate now. Great baking. Rosie was very generous in her giveaway. Congratulations on winning the lovely mug Simone. x

  14. Impossible to choose - I'd love a taste of both, though with shortbread the problem is I can't stop after a taste!

    Fab mug!

  15. Yep I can't decide so I guess I'll have to have a scone and the shortbread. Followed by a birthday cake becase I wouldn't want them to feel left out.


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