Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Simone's Tuesday Garden Rake No.1

After the success of 'Friday's Cake Bake' I thought I would introduce a 'Tuesday Garden Rake'! This is for people who like to be flowery rather than floury! Everyone is welcome to join in on the Tuesday Garden Rake with hints and tips and anything garden related either here or on your own blog. Hopefully we can motivate and inspire each other with our gardening.

Edited: I used rake in the title as I thought it would be an appropriate gardening word for us to use in gathering our hints and tips, problems and solutions together.

I have sown 3 types of tomato this year one of which can be seen above in its cell tray. Once it looks like this and has its first pair of true leaves is the time that I pot them on.

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to get all your old pots together and give them a wash in hot soapy water. I use 3 and a half inch pots (90mm) to pot my plants on.

With tomatoes, I find that they like to be planted quite deep in their pots. I remove them from the cell tray holding them up high underneath the leaves so as not to damage their roots. I put a couple of inches of multi purpose compost in the pot, place the plant on top, holding in place and then filling in and firming with more compost. I keep these indoors in the conservatory or greenhouse until the weather warms up.

On warmer days I will put the plants outside for a few hours a day to acclimatise to the weather, and bring them in at night. The tomatoes I am growing from seed this year are 'Latah' a bush variety, 'Gardeners Delight' (Cherry Vine Tomato) and 'Gold Medal' Bi colour (Tall Vine). I will let you know how they progress throughout the season.

Any idea what this is? I have this plant above growing in my garden but have no idea what it is. It was cut back last year and has come back again bigger and bolder!

Here's something else big and bold that can be found in the garden! His favourite place is the garden (when he's not hijacking a basket or box somewhere)!


KC'sCourt! said...

I SHALL be joining you on that one! I definitely NEED help in my garden, at the moment it is a case of "if it can't look after itself then it is not allowed in!" But like the Friday Bake it may not be done on Tuesday - long story!

Rosie said...

What a great idea Simone, I've just noticed all the wild garlic coming up under the hazel tree at the top of the garden - I must do a post about that soon. Your plant has 'pussy-willow' type catkins on it - is it some sort of willow, perhaps? - I'm sure one of your readers will know:)

Michela said...

Your ideas are always lovely Simone, but this sounds like a challenge only for skilled gardeners!
Now I'm off for voting for you ;-)

Amanda and Tim said...

As we are homeless at present we are also garden-less, so I shall read these blog posts like I read the Friday ones (i.e. dreaming of the day I can take part!!)

I asked my dad about the unknown plant as he is usually very good with things like this, but he has no idea either!

As for Gizmo... well, what can I say :)

skippinginthemeadow said...

dear Simone...i sooo need this inspiration. my poor garden went to rack and ruin in the second half of last year and still remains in that state. i don't know where to start.
events and health issues in the last months have left me both physically and emotionally exhausted and seems to have hacked my memory to pieces to boot (the lupus) it will (hopefully) return. i am a gardeners daughter but find myself in an utter state of confusion with it at moment. i can't remember what's planted where or when to plant this or that. have decided to have a simple tidy up and stick to containers until my mind and body get back into gear. fortunately gardening is great therapy :o) as soon as i am a wee bit stronger i will join the tuesday rake-in with much pleasure. still neeed to catch up on the bake-in. i am hoping to make the obvious this friday. how about you?

i love your photographs xxxxxx


Lyn said...

My garden is in such a state and I hope to join in on your Tuesday Garden Rake!
My potatoes are chitting in the greenhouse, thats about as far as I've got!
Gizmo loves that basket, doesn't he?

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your tomatoes are well on, mine are only beginning to show! I planted Gardiners Delight last year and I got a great crop.
I just love your cat!!!
Vivienne :)

Ali said...

My garden is in need of serious loving care. I seem to have neglected it hugely of late. Part of the issue is gardening in a newish property on builders' rubble. Bleugh.

I used to have a lovely garden and read about gardening endlessly, which is how I know that your mystery plant is a willow. They are pretty thuggish.

Julie Rutter said...

Simone - what a good idea. I haven't even got my tomatoes started yet. Usually I start, all bright and eager, far too early for this far north and then they get all leggy before its warm enough to get them outside. This year I think I'll be struggling to get anything big enough before the autumn frosts hit. Oops!

The plant is a willow (quite right about the pussy willow catkins). Genus is Salix but hard to be sure which species. There are loads of different willows in the UK tho' not all produce pussy willow. If you cut a stem and put it into water it'll root. It'll probably root even if you just push a sten into the ground. Great little trees! Juliex (got a bit carried away there!)

Simone said...

Thanks to Rosie, Ali and Julie for identifying the plant as a willow! I had no idea what it was. I will now have to go and read up about it!

magsmcc said...

WHAT! It has taken me until this stage in the week to produce my Friday Cake Bake! I shall have to admire the horticultural from very afar! (In the hope of learning lots!)

Diane said...

Simone - how have we not met? We "know" all the same people? Lovely lovely blog. xxx

Choclette said...

I was feeling rather depressed looking at what progress you've made - we've hardly made a start on our veg yet - until I got to the bottom. The big and bold boy cheered me up - he's gorgeous.

Louise said...

I've washed my pots, but haven't sown a single seed yet! Over the last few weeks I've been very busy outside doing lots of jobs to get prepared for the new season ahead. Your tomato seedlings look great. I work on a Tuesday all day, but if I can I shall join in with your Garden Rake, even if I only comment. It's a fun idea Simone. x