Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Brief Interlude

I am going to have a blogging break. I feel that my blog has become jaded and samey. I don't want my readers to think that I am two dimensional and all that I do is garden and bake cakes! Hopefully after some time out I will return to my blog with fresh eyes and be able to share some topics other than food and gardening (although they will feature from time to time.)

I will still pop in to read your blogs but may not comment as much as I usually do.

My watercolour paints are calling to me..........................enjoy the summer. x


  1. Hello Simone!
    I totally sympathize with you on this matter as I'm feeling the same with my, flowers..and flowers! I don't find your blog boring at all, I enjoy a lot when you share with us progress in your garden or a new recipe, I wish I could tell things with your same excitement! But if you think you need to take a break, please take it, your friends will be here waiting for your return :)

    Looking forward to seeing your paintings xxx

  2. Enjoy your break Simone. There really is a lot to do every day, without being tied to the computer. On the days when I do get a little time for blogging, your blog is always one of the first I click on to. I really do like your down-to-earth approach to blogging and life. Please, please, come back soon. I shall miss you. x

  3. I totally agree!
    Have a great summer Simone!!


  4. I'll miss you very much, Simone - I always enjoy reading your blog and love it when a new post from you pops up in my box. Hope you have a lovely summer break painting in your beautiful garden, take care and come back to us soon:)

  5. Hope to see you back soon, I like your blog and don´t find it dull at all. :-)

    Take care!

  6. I am with Michela, I will miss you very much, you are one of the blogs I generally go to first, you have inspired me to get my cake making skills up and running again, and you have been a great help with the garden (my garden is very suitable for Roses)! Enjoy yourself, take care look for ward to reading your return.
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. I don't think you are " samey" at all -- enjoy your break and your painting x

  8. I understand completely! A couple of months I pretty much stayed away from blogging for a few weeks - just felt like I had nothing to offer and was not at all inspired to do art. Did me good. Am now back in the swing and enjoying both blogging and art.

    Enjoy your time of refreshment... see you when you get back :-)

  9. I'm sorry to hear that as I do love your blog!
    I'll miss your cakes, your garden, the foxes and that gorgeous cat!
    However you have a lovely summer enjoying doing whatever makes you happy. :)
    Vivienne x

  10. it's me! I am cursed!!! lol, have a good break, and may you return refreshed and inspired!


  11. Have a good break and return refreshed Simone (but you don't bore me!)

  12. I love what you write but you have to do what feels best for you. I'll miss popping in to see what you've been up to. Enjoy your time off. All the best, Juliex

  13. (((Simone))) I sure love this photo! Flowers and gardens are NEVER boring and neither is CAKE! It is almost summer and the roses and flower gardens are quite beguiling! Paint away and I'll see you when you get back.

  14. Simone-have a good break and we will see you when you return. I know what you mean, sometimes I just want to enjoy the day without thinking oh I could blog about that! but then I get sucked in again!
    Take care and I will send you a postcard from a hopefully sunny shropshire!

  15. I always enjoy reading your blog - I love your garden and your cakes. It makes me feel very envious of your lifestyle!
    Have a good break - and I look forward to your return!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  16. Dear Simone, Oh my sweet you will be missed!! I look forward to all your posts, especially the baking ones and I don't tire of them, not ever!! However, I do understand the need to refresh and refuel, so I wish you a happy time with your paints, and look forward to welcoming you back to blogland on your return!
    Take care, sending you love

    Julia x x x

  17. Simone, you will be greatly missed!!! But I do understand what you mean about needing a break. I will truly look forward to your new paintings and to having you back again!
    Personally, I never grew tired of anything you posted about!
    Be well and have a lovely summer!

  18. Enjoy your break - I will miss your lovely posts - take care and big hugs xx

  19. Oh no! So long as you return then that's OK I suppose! Actually, blogging can be rather time consuming and can get in the way of other things. Enjoy your summer, you'll let us know how the foxes are doing, and perhaps the odd cake pic wouldn't go amiss, no need for words!

  20. Thinking of you, Simone and waving hello from across the sea!!!

  21. i hope that your fresh new blog will still include lots of your wonderful cakes, lovely garden and pictures of gorgeous gizmo.

    i fully undertsand the need for blogging breaks (being on one myself) and am looking forward to you returning all sparkling and rested, with perhaps a few paintings to share :o)

    warmest hugs xoxoxox


  22. You have a lovely break Simone and enjoy the summer. Good idea I think I may join you. I will look forward to seeing the water colours.
    Have fun in the sun.....
    Love Carol xxx


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