Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Making the Most of Summer

As mentioned on a previous post, I am not a great lover of the summer months but I appreciate that without the sunshine I wouldn't have such beautiful heads of hydrangeas.

My candle melts are on display with scents to remind me of the cooler autumn days ahead (sorry summer lovers!)

This is my favourite room in the house where a gentle breeze flows in from the window.

You can just about see a window box full of tutti frutti nasturtiums outside the window.

Here they are from the other side.

It has been a good year for them.

It has been a good year for the sweet peas too.

The blackberries are making an early appearance and the tayberries are long gone.

Tomatoes hang in bunches in anticipation of being oven roasted!

The acorn squash are taking over the garden!

French beans and runner beans compete side by side up the shed wall.

Polo, photographed after her summer treat of pro-biotic yoghurt showing off her very yoghurty beak!


  1. What a pretty home and garden.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Some lovely pictures, I particularly like the nasturtiums. Your hen looks very happy! Hope you keep getting a cool breeze. Juliex

  3. Beautiful hydrangeas - are they from your garden?

    My sweet peas are doing well now too.

  4. I love your room, it looks very cool for a warm summer day. The yoghurt faced hen is funny, how on earth did you discover she liked yoghurt!
    The garden is looking good Simone, lots of produce. Your Tomatoes are way ahead of mine!

  5. I love the muted shades hydrangeas go when they're dried - I have a few, but they are very delicate.

    ..... and blackberries so soon!!

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  7. your room looks very cosy, your tomatoes are way ahead of mine tooleystac

  8. Your garden is looking lovely, as always. I love nasturtiums but forgot to plant some this year. I just have a few stragglers seeded from last year.
    Blackberries .... so soon?
    Love Kathy xxx

  9. I enjoyed this little peek of your house & garden. I like your windows. Lovely window boxes too, I'm going to get more window boxes myself for next summer, they're great.

  10. Your garden is so lovely Simone and as for the yoghurt eating hen, so cute!!
    Although I don't want to think about candied apple or frosted pumpkin just yet! :)
    Vivienne x

  11. Chickens eat yoghurt! Not sure if they did in my days on the farm? Nice to see the indoors of Linden Grove, and the garden produce coming along so well, looking very productive indeed. Hydrangeas are great at this time of year. I've a very pretty pink one out the front, and recently treated myself a blue one, which will have to stay in a pot with acid soil, otherwise it will turn pink. Rather like me in the sun! x

  12. Hello Simone! Such beautiful pictures of your home and garden!As you do, I'm already enjoying tomatoes and blackberries!
    We planted also some Sweet Peas i had from an English friends, let's hope they blossom soon as lovely as yours!

  13. Lovely to hear from you again - I'm glad you're finding things to appreciate about summer... I am in two-minds this year - part of me wants summer to hurry up as our wedding is in the autumn and part of me wants it to slow down so I have time to prepare less hastily with all the decorations I have to make *eek*

    Your home looks just lovely, Simone, how lucky you are with all those lovely things growing in your garden too xx

  14. Well, I've learned something new today - chickens like yoghurt! Your garden looks lovely, Simone and your room so cool and calm for sitting in on a warm summer evening. Your hydrangea is such a pretty colour, mine is usually pale pink but this year half of it is blue - I know it has something to do with the acidity of the soil but I've never had two colours on the same plant before:)

  15. It all looks so pretty and Nasturtiums are one of my favourites! Did you know that you can eat them?

  16. Hi Simone I'm with you on the summer/autumn thing. My sweet peas and nasturtiums haven't done very well at all! Lovely pics!

  17. Your flowers and garden are so pretty! I'm looking forward to Autumn too... especially after a summer with record breaking heat. Phew! Someone please send snow :-)

  18. Thanks so much for popping over to my blog & leaving a comment - it's been so long since I did a post! Trying to catch up, now that I have a few weeks off work!

    I love your photos - your garden looks beautiful and your room looks so inviting in this hot, humid weather! Yes, I sometimes give my hens nat yoghurt too, especially after any stress (stops those yukky poops!!)

    Willow xx

  19. your room looks so inviting ~ such a beautiful feel to your house and garden~ just how i imagined it. it's so rewarding to grow produce isn't it?

  20. what a lovely garden you have.
    I'm a Spring & Autumn girl too - like my mum - we start to feel alive again


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