Saturday, 3 July 2010

Summer Loving?

I don't know if I have mentioned it on here before but: I am not a great lover of the summer season. For most people they look towards summer with eager anticipation but I dread it!!! I dislike the humidity, the heat, the flying ants, neighbours burning rubbish when you have your windows open, the tennis, the cricket, the dried up lawn, itchy eyes, heat rash etc etc!!!!!!! I much prefer the freshness of the spring and the coolness of autumn. Thank goodness for the shady places like the woods above.

In fact, I could make a never ending list of all the things I dislike about the summer, but I won't. Instead I am going to focus on the good things about summer such as the vibrant colours of the flowers that I grew from tiny plug plants..............................

........................and the home grown fruit and veg that we have been feasting on this last week....

............. and the delicately scented roses that have been giving an ongoing display this year.....

the jasmine flowers that give out their heady evening perfume

sitting in the garden until dusk

drinking a chilled glass of wine

eating simple salads

watching the swifts fly over in the early evening

longer days that mean more time for crafting

hanging the bed linen out to dry on the washing line and putting it back on the bed that same day

the lighter mornings............

What do you enjoy about the summer months?


  1. I also love it when the swifts fly over, especially when they get into their 'boy racer' stage as I like to call it and they are all screeching away :-)

  2. A friend! I thought I was the only one who didn't like summer! It's far too hot!!! The times I was chased into the garden when I was a child by my mother because she didn't like me indoors in the wonderful sunshine. I'm an Autumn person when there is rain in the air and the leaves are going bronze.
    The lovely fruit and veg look apetizing. I must find the knack of growing tomoatoes the same time as lettuce!

  3. I much prefer spring myself but summer does have it's good points-growing and eating our own salad,school holiday off work (a whole six weeks to myself), picking damsons in August with my mum and then making damson jam, sitting outside in the evening for our evening meal.

  4. For all of the reasons you mentioned. I'm really enjoying this year for some reason. Of course, the warmth has a lot to do with it!

  5. It's definitely been too hot lately! Strawberries and cream and Pimms for me please!

  6. Oh, I love all the seasons for their own reasons, but do prefer the promise of Spring and the changes in Autumn to the more "same-same" feel of Summer and Winter...

    Saying that, what I love about summer is this:

    - nothing can beat the incredible green colour of England when we have a really sunny day

    - sitting outside to have breakfast in the early morning sun, or gathering with family to have a barbecue

    - long evening walks, which are perfect at any time of year but most especially in the prolonged evening light and cool breeze of a glorious summer day

    - freshly grown produce (either by ourselves, our family, or bought for a decent price from the local market because everything is in season!)

    - butterflies basking in the sun

    Hope you manage to stay relatively cool, Simone dear, and the good bits of summer are more frequent than the less fun bits xx

  7. I love the long summer evenings but not the light early mornings which wake me too soon.

    I love the birdsong but not being woken by the dawn chorus.

    I love the summer flowers but not the constant watering to keep them looking good.

    I love the summer sunshine but not when it is too prolonged and intense.

    I love the garden produce but not fighting the bugs and birds who try to get there first.

    But most of all I love the positive feeling than summer seems to bring, enabling me to appreciate the good things and accept the not so good.

  8. I love the long days and the heat. I love working in the garden and feeling the heat of the sun on my back!
    I love strawberries!
    I love being able to eat outside.

    Lucky you with your tomatoes, I've not got any ripe ones yet. I'm looking forward to them!
    Vivienne x

  9. We were sitting in the garden last night watching the swifts high above!
    I think early morning walks in the woods before the day gets too hot, sitting in the garden in the evening watching the wildlife buzzing around whilst sipping wine or lemoade. Like you I love to wash sheets and have them dry outside and put them back on the bed in the evening,picking and eating salads from the garden and picking fruit and making jam. Just a few lovely summer things:)

  10. Hello Simone,
    I too am not a lover of summer, but I do enjoy the colors, flowers, birds, trees, nature in general! But the heat and humidity do get to me, unfortunately.
    My favorite thing to do is to go on a lovely ride or sit on my cool porch, make some art and listen to the birdsong!
    Let's enjoy the good parts of summer!

  11. I love the summer because I can turn the darn heater off in the greenhouse and not hear the Misses complain at how high the bill is this month. You want the cool of spring and fall? Move here, its July 5th and we had to put on light jackets to be outdoors.

  12. Hi Simone

    It's funny but I have never been a great lover of summer for the same reasons as you. When I was a child I lived in the South of France. We spent all or most of our summer holidays ( 2 or 3 months) with relatives in England, Belgium and Scotland to get away from the intolerable heat. However, in more recent years I have come to look forward to summer and have enjoyed it. Maybe it's because we have been getting so little sun and good weather over the past couple of years. I feel more energetic when the sun is out, Spring is still my favourite season though. I love being able to have long walks around the country lanes at 10pm and still see where you are going. I miss those kind of evenings when October comes along..
    As you say lets enjoy the good things about summer ;-)
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  13. I love reading blog posts from folk who love summer! Especially on a day like today when the good old Irish summer takes account of the fact that schools have finished and regales us with grey skies and rain! Thank you for such bright images!

  14. Hi Simone! You would hate being at my house's going to be 94 degrees! Anyway...I would love to take a whiff of that pretty rose you photographed. And I love all the things on your cozy list too.

  15. I really like your Summer dread analogy Simone, and I can totally agree with everything you say. Saying that I do always look forward to the Summer for the longer days, and feel quite depressed when it's time for the clocks to go back. Carry on enjoying that great produce from your garden over the Summer Simone, and lovely to hear from you on my blog. x

  16. Nodding head here in total agreement.. summer is a love hate season for me too. How I struggle with the humidity and heat.. but love those azure skies and dawn chorus.

    Michele xx


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