Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Baubles, Bits and Bobs

I have been busy decorating polystyrene balls this week. Why? I have no idea really I just wanted to 'do' something creative. I never realised how difficult it would be to paste cut strips of paper onto a round surface. It has been a learning curve indeed. The ball on the left in the photo above is made up of paper strips glued on and I added a Flower Fairy scrap. This was then sealed with a coat of decoupage glue. The large ball in the middle is covered in fabric strips and the ball on the right is covered with fabric strips which have then been sealed with glue. They are all still works in progress.

I then decided to make some 'snowballs' and added strips of white paper to the balls which have then been sealed and painted. I added some ultra fine glitter to a couple for a touch of sparkle but I think I like them plain. These are also works in progress and not the finished article.

However, this is a finished article. Back in July 2010 I posted a free pattern on here for you to use in your stitchery projects. I used it to make a candle mat and have found it to be decorative and useful too! If you make anything using the pattern I would love to see what you create.

Well, I may not be around for a while as I have a lot of catching up to do around the house. Crafting may have to go on the back burner for a while (but I may squeeze in an hour or two!)

Enjoy the week! X


  1. Love those Baubles, lots of ideas have just sprung to mind........!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh your baubles are all lovely, I really like the sparkle ones ( I like a bit of glitter )!
    Love the cat and the contented look on his face. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Oh how wonderful... I have tons of fabric in the washing machine today ready to start making stockings and other Christmassy bits. There really is nothing nicer than just playing around with a new design, is there? I hope the house-y things get sorted soon so you can come back and enjoy the fun bits again xx

  4. I love your creative bursts Simone.
    Know what you mean about housey things!


  5. You have been busy. They are lovely baubles - I particularly like the blue one and the cat mat too:)

  6. Those baubles are just lovely ... they would cost a fortune in the shops! Don't stay away too long!
    Love Kathy xxx

  7. I like your baubles very much, Simone, and I personally prefer the look of the glittery ones to the plain ones. Look forward to seeing the finished articles, once you've caught up on the housy stuff!(Don't go overboard with it, now!)

  8. Love the baubles - really unique. Thanks for your comment on my blog - maybe we can all run away together! I don't like circuses either so it would have to be the bus I think!! Don't stay away too long.

  9. Very pretty what lovely idea x

  10. I like your decoupage baubles - v pretty! I remember from years ago, doing papier mache on blown up balloons, that rounded shapes are had to stck onto! I love the cup and saucer with the anemones in!

  11. The baubles look lovely Simone!! Epecially love the vintagey ones you've done with the patterned paper and the fairy, beautiful!
    Must be something in the air right now, everyone seems to be making Christmassy goodies!!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  12. Nice to see the creative things you've been up to! I really want to find some time for that, as well.

  13. Forget the chores and carry on with the decoupage those baubles are really , really pretty.


  14. I love those decorated balls - very "designer" looking!!!
    They would be beautiful in an elegant glass bowl!!

  15. The baubles are great Aimone, I have not had one single thought to Christmas but these are lovely, Christmas Victorian style!

  16. Especially like the balls with the vintage prints on them.... would look great on a Christmas tree... or anywhere around the house.


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