Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Fading Beauty

Warning! If you are feeling depressed do not read the poem below! I need to run up a curtain for the front door today to keep out the cold but was compelled to write this poem as I was putting on my moisturiser this morning.

Another wrinkle, another fold

Another day of looking old

Saggy cheeks and drooping eyes

Lumpy arms and fallen thighs

The stresses and strains show in the furrows

The past revealing untold sorrows

The aging process is so cruel

And a reminder to us all.....

Beauty fades as we fade away

Judge not by looks; they do not stay

Now I have got that out of my system I am off to start on the curtain! Edited: Just snaped off the spool holder as I tugged the machine out of its hiding place so no curtain making for me today! I now have to glue the spool holder back together. That will teach me to be so negative!


  1. Beauty doesn't last, that's so true, so there's no need to be so hard with yourself Simone!

  2. You'll sew so much better now that you have got that out of the way!! lol
    Vivienne x

  3. ..too many "so" eh?! Sorry, I never check what I write, he he..

  4. In spite of your warning, I read the poem! Sadly it's true. Beauty in the eye of the beholder, etc? Hmm! Divine retribution, your spool breaking?! Have a good day!

  5. Hello Simone and thanks so much for the comment on my blog. It is good to be back! Love the poem and it rings so true...sigh x

  6. Clever poem, Simone, though I don't believe its true.

    Beauty is not about smooth skin and a pert bottom, although the marketers and publicists of today would have us believe it is. No, its about inner peace, contentment with one's self, poise, elegance and a serene smile.

    Hope you manage to fix the sewing machine!

  7. Beauty may not last but age does have other compensations - not quite sure what just at the moment but they are there if only I could remember what they were!!

    Hope the curtain sewing goes well once you get the spool fixed!


  8. Its still a good poem, even if is true?

    Wish I could share whats going on in my life right now..

    Clare x


  9. Great poem... I'd rather have an honest poem than one that's happy for the sake of being happy (of course the metre of this made it sound les harsh!)

    Also, I have spent the day having issues with my sewing machine too, so I can vent with you, if you like?

    As for your new blog... very exciting. Do yo have any wheat-free ideas?

  10. Beauty comes from within. As someone with wrinkles and bits sagging I loved the poem.x

  11. Good evening Simone, I've flicked back through your blog, and I really do love it! No fluff and nonsense!
    Except for Gizmo, especially liked the one in the seedtray.

    To keep the story short, i have been trying to start a family for 8 years!
    And right now I am waiting to see if the second round of ivf has worked.

    I'm sharing this with you, not because I want sympathy, just so you understand what my mindset has been, and to let you know you are not alone with your melancholia..
    hope you understand?

    Anyway what you cooking friday?

    Clare x
    ps. thanks for the bless.

    my word is sadiag!! oh dear!

  12. I enjoyed the poem, Simone - like the line 'the past revealing untold sorrows'. Well having reached the great six-o this year I know those feelings well. The other thing that gets to me sometimes is the way once you get older you seem to 'disappear', oh well, 'c'est la vie' - hope those curtains get finished soon:)

  13. You are not alone! I agree, how we look does change, but I believe the beauty inside never fades. x

  14. Oh my gosh, Simone!! What a poem - true but a bit too realistic! I must admit - I do everything I can to combat the aging process, but it is persistent! My creams and makeup help a little, but a smile is like an instant facelift!!
    From what I've read of your writing, you are a beautiful soul and I'm sure that is evident when someone meets you!

  15. We may live in a youth obsessed culture but air-brushed, sugar-coated images are not real. We are real and we are beautiful. That said - I love your words and the way you express your thoughts, hopes and worries. Prize blogger!!!

  16. some of the most beautiful people i've seen have been over the age of 70 'tis true! it's often in the smile and twinkling eyes :o)

  17. I found your blog because I work at a wonderful private school in Cincinnati, OH named Linden Grove School. I teach middle school, children with autism. I was delighted to find your blog by mistake. I too am a crafter and love your Christmas tag idea and listening to Lonely Girl. I am curious why you chose the name Linden Grove.


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