Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Wishing You a Positive New Year

"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves." Bill Vaughn

A pessimist by nature, I am going to make a big effort to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones this coming year. No matter what life throws at me I am going to turn the tables and make sure that I view things with a much more positive attitude.

Most of my pessimism is borne out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the known. I am going to face up to my fears and fight back!!!

I wish all of you a year full of positive things, and if they are not positive then lets make them so.


  1. I am like you and a pessimist. What's the saying ' You have nothing to fear but fear itself' Fear stops us all from doing things. If only we can ignore it perhaps we would achieve so much more.Happy New Year to you Simone. xx

  2. Well said Simone! Here's to you girl * raises cup of tea* cheers;)

  3. Absolutely Simone, well said!!
    A Happy Positive Year to you and to all of us in fact!
    Vivienne x
    P.S. Lovely to see Gizmo. :)

  4. I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and positive 2011 Simone, I am glad you are entering the new year with such a positive attitude. Gizmo looks very relaxed there too!

  5. i tend to be an optimist (which is weird because i am presently too scared to step outside my door!) and feel very fortunate and blessed in life. this past year has seen struggles and sadness, loss and changes. it has also been a year of growth and miracles.

    i really believe you have the courage to stand up and fight your fears, i have long admired your strength of character. you been a very good example to many of us this year, without even knowing it.
    you have much integrity and dignity and i'm proud to be your bloggy friend.
    i wish you a most happy and positive 2011 xxx
    a very happy new year to sweet gizmo too xxx such an adorable pic =^.^=
    lots of love
    and new year hugs


  6. Wishing you a very happy and positive New Year Simone. I'm sure that's exactly the right attitude to get us all through 2011! I'll be joining you in trying to be super positive this year!
    Love Kathy xxx

  7. Here's to positivity (s that a word?!) May you see the silver lining in all your clouds during 2011!


  8. All my best wishes for a happy and positive new year, Simone.

  9. You go, girl! Keep thinking positive. The glass is half full :)

  10. You go girl! We will be hear to help you with your fighting spirit, you can do it! x

  11. Oh you are so right! Lovely piccie of your puddy tat!

    Happy Positive Bloggy New Year to You!

  12. I loved your positive post! It's so true that having a positive attitude can make a big difference to whatever life brings - if it's good we enjoy it even more, and if it's difficult we cope in a stronger way. I wish you and your family a very happy 2011.
    Helen x

  13. nice to meet you simone and positive vibes to you and yours today and every future day. i am an 'optopessimist' by nature, (i used to be decisive on this one now i'm not so sure!). good luck for 2011 and it would be great to give and recieve a little cyper support; cheers and cheerio for now, linda...

  14. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2011!
    How cute the staircase's keeper!

  15. Thought provoking post, I aim to think more positively in the year ahead. Lovely pic of Gizmo :)

  16. I used to be the "eternal optimist" but the massive challenges that we've faced over recent years has made it harder and harder to keep that faith... pessimism is easy to fall into when fear takes hold, you sure are far from alone in that respect, Simone xx

    Here's wishing you a positive new year!

  17. It's difficult to eradicate negative thoughts, but we'll have a jolly good try! Happy New Year Simone. x

  18. Great photo of Gizmo, Simone!
    I'm with you - a wonderful resolution!! Something I need to work on also. Positivity is a terrific goal!
    Wishing you a fantastic New Year!

  19. You know, I thought I wrote the book on Pessimism.
    Anyhow, I must share with you this random quote that I particularly enjoy:
    " Not point being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway. "

    Hope that made you smile!
    (I ought to include that in my blog's sidebar! *lol*)

  20. Love the cards. Such a sweet looking cat.

  21. Hi Simone,
    Happy New Year to you!
    staying positive is a great goal, but be kind to yourself too as although i am actually an optimist by nature i do suffer from low periods and find remaining positive can be a don;t beat yourself up if you fall off track but go gently, be kind to yourself, and bring positivity, light and happy thoughts into your days and embrace life.
    i LOVE your sepia scenes by the way, just gorgeous.
    p.s. have you heard of the goddess guidebook blog (leonie allen), feel you may be interested. have downloaded her 2011 planner and it has helped me focus and have a positive and exciting outlook on the year ahead.xxxx


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