Monday, 28 March 2011

A Knit and a Natter

I am not a knitter (bit of a tongue twister saying that!) but managed to knit some rows to make myself a nice new cotton dishcloth.  I prefer to use these rather than have the blue disposable type sitting next to the sink.

Other than knitting, I have been out in the garden again.  The plum tree has more blossom opening and the pear tree is not far behind.

I have been buying up some smaller plants for the garden from my local Morrison's Supermarket to grow on.  The carnation above was £1.50 and it looks bigger already since I planted it up.

I also bought this variegated thyme plant above and the primrose below.  I wouldn't normally advocate supermarket shopping too much but think that plants offer real value for money compared to some of  garden centres and gardening catalogues.

Today I have sown my first lot of cherry tomato seeds.  I am not going to be growing lots of vegetables this year however, I have decided on a year of flowers instead and hope to share lots of lovely blooms with you as the year progresses.


Green thumb said...

Looking forward to admiring your beautiful flowers then!

periwinkle said...

we planted cherry tomatoes in pots last year and they were a great success. I've just done a post on flowers too but of the wild variety .

Kathy said...

I hope your year of flowers is very successful! look forward to the photographs!

Lisa said...

Your post has just reminded me to water the garden!
That carnation looks like it's got loads of buds.
Lisa x

Helen Philipps said...

Your knitting looks lovely! And the flowers are so pretty - good idea to pick up the bargain supermarket ones and grow them on. I too am planning a flowery year in the garden, apart from beans and chard! Have a lovely week in your sunny garden.
Helen x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

My first little tomato seedlings are just beginning to peep through the compost, I have planted Gardeners Delight and Moneymaker. I love going out on summer mornings and picking my tomatoes. :)
Looking forward to seeing all your lovely flowers in the months ahead!!
Vivienne x

Ali said...

oops not sure where my last comment went??? just to say lovely post and pics your planting is going better than mine I did some rocket and it went shooting off then I pricked it out and now they have all died - oh well I'll have another go!! I missed the post about your birthday - sorry - hope you had a lovely day xxx

Lyn said...

I often feel sorry for the plants in supermarkets as the wilt and die, I often feel so sorry for them I bring them home!

magsmcc said...

Always nice to natter with you!

KC'sCourt! said...

I think I might start knitting my dishcloths, they certainly last longer that the others!
Your garden will look very pretty in the summer.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Rosie said...

Love the blossom on your plum tree - our neighbour's tree has blossom but our's doesn't - I hope that doesn't mean no plums again this year! I have one or two lovely plants around the garden rescued from supermarkets over the years. You can pick up some bargains there. Looking forward to seeing your flower photos throughout the year:)

Julie said...

I much prefer washable cloths too - although I haven't made my own so far.
Good luck with all the flower plans, I'm sure you'll have great success. Juliex

Judy Hartman said...

I for one will love seeing your garden plants in your very beautiful photographs! I'm hoping to start my first garden this year when the weather turns warmer, and hope I will have decent results!

Julia said...

Im with you on the florals this year Simone, after going allotment style with half our garden last year, we decided it was just a bit too much work what with work and a little person to take care of too, so we too are going to have flowers again (but perhaps the odd pot of tomatoes and most definately herbs).
Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them.
Love Julia x

Teresa said...

Hi Simone,

I was just knitting a cotton dishcloth a while ago while a pie was baking in the oven. Honestly! I prefer the hand knitted dishcloth too.

Loved seeing your flowers. I'm particularly fond of primroses but can't seem to grow them here. Perhaps our summers are too hot?


Diane said...

Your garden is looking really lovely. Its great now that Spring is in the air. xx