Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Funny Old Week

This week has been one of highs and lows.  I felt despairing on Wednesday, a day when everything went wrong.  On Thursday everything was good again with four deliveries I had ordered turning up, the latest issues of  three of my favourite magazines had come out in the shops and I planted up loads of things in the greenhouse with my son.

This good feeling was short lived, as in the early hours of Friday morning someone decided to break into my garden and steal a garden waste shredding machine.  They had some other things lined up to take too but for whatever reason, left them behind.

A wild patch has taken over my garden.  I think I will let it be.  I will plant up sunflowers behind them and even throw some more wild flowers into the mix too.  So there it is. My week in a nutshell.  Wild, weird and sometimes wonderful.


Rosie said...

Oh dear, Simone it is a horrible thing to have someone steal from your garden. We had two garden chairs taken a few years ago; I remember feeling upset and angry both at the same time. Your wild patch is lovely and sun flowers would look great in there:)

crafty cat corner said...

Isn't it sad that people have to resort to stealing. It's not just the losing the shredder, its the thought that they have been in your garden that is horrible.
I hope next week turns out to be much, much better for you.

periwinkle said...

sad people I don't know , why do they have to do things like that .... I think your little wild patch is just lovely , you could even build a teensy mini beast house for the little critters too

Rosie said...

How sad that people have no conscience and take other peoples belongings.
I love the wild flowers. Hope you have a much better week next week x

amanda claire said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the break-in... people can be so cruel! Your strawberries are looking great though, how yummy they will be when they grow big and juicy fruits :)

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh how horible. I hope they catch these horrible people, they will get there comeuppance, people like that usually do, but it doesn't help that someone entered your personal space
Julie xxxxxxxx

Helen Philipps said...

Oh poor you, what a horrible thing to happen. Your garden looks so pretty, I love little wildflower areas like that. Hope next week will be a better one for you.
Helen x

Anne said...

So sad to hear about this week's lows, but the highs are lovely. Your garden is just beautiful, btw!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

How dare someone decide that they can take stuff that belongs to you, it makes me so angry!!
On the bright side your little wild patch is so pretty and how nice to spend some quality time with your son. :)
Vivienne x

Julia said...

From your first picture, your garden looks very interesting - the sort to be explored! What a pig though about your shredding machine - some people just have no respect for other people's property.

Your strawberries are doing better than mine!

Julia x

Lisa said...

Some people really do nasty things to others. I'm so sorry to hear about the theft from your garden.
I hope you are enjoying the weekend though and maybe getting a bot of relaxing done in the garden.
Lisa x

Julie said...

Oh that is horrible. I'm so pleased they didn't take more. And the garden is looking so pretty. Juliex

Puppet Lady said...

So sorry to hear of your theft. It leaves such a horrible feeling to know someone has been in your private space. However, if your shredding machine is anything like ours, it makes a lot of noise, is always getting jammed and takes ages to actually do anything! We can hardly ever be bothered to use it!

Hope you have a better week next week. Your strawberries look good and so does your wild flower garden.

Vintage Tea Time said...

Sorry about the theft - awful for you. Love the wild patch - very pretty. Hope this coming week has more highs than lows! Abby x

Ali said...

Good riddens to a horrible week for you lets hope next week is better - hugs xx

summerfete said...

there are some strange people out there!

lets hope they get their shredding come-uppence!

Heres hoping this week will be better,
after all the suns back :)

gillyflower said...

What an unsettling week for you - sorry to hear about the theft.

I like the wild patch too.
Gill x

Louise said...

So sorry to read of your garden theft Simone. At our last place pots of plants were constantly being taken from outside our front door, right under our very noses. Some people have a damn nerve I can tell you. x

PS. It's another lovely day today - hope it's a happy one for you.

Bluebell said...

I am sorry to hear about the theft from your garden, it's happened to my elderly parents several times and the thieves seem to know that the police won't have the time to do much about it.
I am a big fan of wild patches and I am sure you will have loads of pleasure watching the butterflies.
Hope this week is full of only highs! x

Michela said...

Hi Simone, sorry to hear about your theft, there have been some also in my neighbourhood lately.
Looking forward to seeing the nw additions in your lovely wild patch then!

Teresa said...

Was enjoying reading about your favorite magazines arriving when I got to the unpleasant part about the thieves. It really is a sharp jab when something like that happens. So sorry. But glad they were stopped before they got any further.

Love that cheerful patch of wildflowers!

sharon said...

Some folks can be beasts but I'm convinced it's because they're supremely unhappy. Your garden is such a happy place this sad person couldn't help but want you to be sad too. Don't be. I'm learning the world has many more lovely people than nasty ones and judging from the number of comments this post has received, many of them are rallying around you.
Sending my sunny, warm regards from snowy Viroqua, Wisconsin USA!

Lyn said...

It seems lots of people have had a blip this past week. It is such a shame people think they can just take what others have worked hard to pay for, makes me so mad!
take care,

Pipany said...

Oh that's awful Simone! How some people sleep at night beats me. Try not to let it get you down to much honey xx