Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Glorious Day

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far.  Angel clouds descended over my garden.

 The washing was hung out to dry and the hens roamed happily in their new enclosure.

 I spent some time outside getting to know them again.

 Popcorn is my favourite hen.  She is a bit quirky, like me!

 Gizmo was a bit bored with all the attention I was giving to the chickens.

 He skulked off down the path..........

...............and made himself at home under the hen house nesting box.


  1. Well poor Gizmo, skulking off like that. Perhaps he was just looking for a space to keep cool!

  2. Poor Gizmo ... he's like a sulky teenager!
    I'd love to have hens ... but it will never happen! It was quite warm here yesterday, but it's raining now!

  3. Looks like we are all enjoying the sun in one way or another.
    Lisa x

  4. People who think that animals have no feelings are so wrong. You can see by the look in Gizmo's face that he has been put out.
    I have 5 cats and they are all so jealous if I give one more attention than the other, in fact Willow who I call my work room buddy as she is always with me in that particular room, will fight off any of the others that dare to come in and gets very huffy if I talk to the others. Hard to believe but true.

  5. I love those angel clouds Simone. Truly beautiful. Good to get back outside and in touch with the hens again isn't it? x

  6. I can see why Popcorn is your favourite, she's got lovely colouring and what a perfect name choice, I never seem to be able to think up original names for my animals. I am wondering if Gizmo gets lots of grooming to have such a beautiful coat.

  7. Awww poor Gizmo!!
    The weather is beautiful, it's lovely to spend time outside without hurrying back inside again.
    Love your angel clouds. :)
    Vivienne x

  8. looks like the hens are enjoying being out and about too

  9. How lovely that your hens are able to enjoy your beautiful garden!
    My nan keeps hers in a sad concrete henhouse..

  10. Love getting more glimpses of your lovely garden.

    Your hens are lovely! I'm getting so excited thinking about our little chicks. A little over a month until they arrive.

    Poor Gizmo, bored with the hens and their attention.

  11. I forgot to say as I have tentatively started a blog, I hope it is ok that I have put you inmy bloglist. Enjoy the remainder of this lovely day!

  12. Oh dear poor Gizmo, feeling left out. We have had some gorgeous weather, lets hope it lasts!

  13. Simone,
    Your photos are like cream in my coffee or lemon in my tea, they bring the flavor to life. Thank you.
    Love your hens. Just yesterday Anne and I were talking about waiting and watching ours before we'd be able to name them properly. What fun that will be!
    We are expecting our warmest days this weekend. It will be glorious to be able to hang the washing outside once again.
    Hope whispy clouds and warm days continue throughout your weekend.

  14. Hi Simone!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, love the look of your blog!Great post!
    How many hens do you have?
    I would love to keep hens, and now we've moved it is on the list!!! Just need to decide where to have them and then do my research into everything! We have regular fox visits round here so that will be foremost in our minds!
    Look forward to returning and having at look at your other posts and other blogs - must keep you busy!
    Gill x

  15. Another gorgeous day ahead. I'm off out into the garden shortly. Have already paid a visit to the compost bin, topped up the birdtable, feeders and birdbaths. Notice too some of my seeds are coming through. Anyway, lots to do. Have a lovely weekend Simone.

    PS. Wonder which nook will take Gizmo's fancy today?

  16. Ah, lovely Gizmo - he obviously likes your full attention! I've just been cutting the lawns and trying to tame a rampant honeysuckle. Hasn't the weather been wonderful?:)

  17. Blue skies and sunshine, washing on the line, hens and a ginger cat - just perfect!

  18. I loved the angel clouds up there in the bright blue sky! The hens look very happy to be out in the sunshine and how cute Gizmo looks tucked in there! Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  19. Gizmo has such a beautiful coat and a gorgeous, full tail! Your hens are lovely, your garden - everything!!
    Best of all, to me, are the "angel clouds" above your garden!!
    Have a wonderful week, Simone.


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