Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Rediscovering Cross-Stitch

I have recently returned to an old love of mine - cross-stitch.  Bucking the trend, I ignore the influx of knitting and paper craft magazines that have taken over the stationers and notice that cross-stitch magazines are in decline.  I have many cross-stitch magazines collected over the years so I am not worried about running out of patterns any time soon!

My cross-stitching preferences are samplers.  I like to use muted colours and natural coloured fabric.  I had forgotten how much I love to sit cross-stitching by an open window with a gentle breeze flowing through, listening to the radio and watching my design grow, unhurriedly, little by little.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy seeing those perfectly formed little crosses turn into words and images.

I am happy to follow the crafts that I enjoy doing and am not swayed by current trends (saying that I do enjoy paper crafts but did so before it became fashionable!), although it may be that cross-stitch regains its popularity and I will be 'on trend' again.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

That's lovely Simone and I do like your choice of threads and fabric. I've always found cross-stitch lived up to it's name with me and made me cross, I could never really relax doing it, not the way I do when I knit. Having said that I do like the results of cross-stitch, I love the samplers, pictures and little motifs and just recently online, I found the most beautiful little bunny to cross-stitch, I have to say I was very tempted! :)
Vivienne x

KC'sCourt! said...

I love cross-stitching, and have designed my own, samplers like you are my favourite (on my following blog list there are a few cross-stitch blogs this one in particular http://withmyneedle-ellen.blogspot.com)
I enjoy all embroidery and have returned to what my grandmother use to call "fancy work", but I am definitely not a papercraft person! I have tried it but I just don't like it so I stick to what I know.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Lyn said...

oh Simone you don't want an unfinished dolphin cross stitch do you? no one will give it a home!

Lisa said...

I like cross stitch but haven'tdoen any for a while. Last week whilst having a tidy I found a couple of little kts, they are for Christmas,maybe I should do them now in readiness!
Lisa x

Anne said...

So glad that you're finding joy in the sorts of crafts that make you happy! That's the most important thing and the whole point in attempting any sort of artistic endeavor. Trends come and go, but those things that we truly enjoy will always give us pleasure!

Anonymous said...

I used to do a lot of cross stitch too... in fact for my GCSE design and technology I created a series of cross stitch kits, which was fun and something I keep meaning to have a go at again. I also cross stitched all my Christmas cards one year, but have never had enough time to do it again (maybe if I began in January!!)

I think my favourite thing was finishing the Sunderland AFC logo for my dad (he chose the design asked me to do it... it took me ages but it took pride of place in his football corner!) It wasn't something I particularly enjoyed doing as the design held no interest for me, but the joy of giving the final product to my dad for his birthday more than made up for it!

Julia said...

That's looking very nice so far Simone - keep going with it and I look forward to seeing the finished project!

Julia x

Kathy said...

I started my crafting obsession with cross stitching and the Jo Verso books ... and I actually finished lots of pieces. I haven't done any stitching for years now....your post had reminded me about it!

sharon said...

You've reminded me that cross stitch is probably my most favorite needle art. From the first half stitch on an empty background to the final crossing stitch, watching simple thread become what you've envisioned is deeply satisfying. I shall have to do a posting about this soon.....
Your work is lovely, by the way.

Teresa said...

I first starting knitting, then later did some cross stitching. I've now returned to knitting - and like you - had forgotten for years how relaxing it can be. Guess the things we first fall in love with always keep their hold on us.

Look forward to seeing your progress... in the meantime, enjoy that quiet time that handcrafts afford.

Puppet Lady said...

I'm with you completely on the love of cross-stitch. It seems to have fallen out of favour in this fast-paced world we live in, but it is relaxing and satisfying to watch your picture grow. I'm particularly fond of cat pictures, but good ones are hard to find.

Anonymous said...

Hello Simone, I love the autumnal colours you have chosen. I have never done any cross stitch but you make it sound very relaxing. I'd better not start trying to learn any more new needle crafts just yet though, I am getting carried away already!

Rosie said...

I like the colours you are using. I remember learning cross stitch at school. I love your description of sitting by an open window in a gentle breeze doing your cross stitch.

Julia said...

That's brilliant! I think it's great to follow what you like personally, rather than what the hoards are into doing. It makes your work much more special and authentic when it's something you love, rather than doing something just for appearances and the sake of a trend.

Much love to you
Julia x

Judy Hartman said...

I love the look of cross stitch, but have never tried it. And the one you're working on is lovely.
I do agree that we should do what we are drawn to, because our love of the process shows in the finished product.

Ali said...

I too dabble in cross stitch - currently working on a magician for my son on BLACK aida - it was a nightmare to start with but must of gotten used to it - can't wait to see your finished sampler xx

Helen Philipps said...

Your sampler looks beautifully stitched, Simone. I love samplers too, and find cross stitch absorbing and peaceful to do (lots of other people have told me so as well!) I hope you are having a lovely stitchy week!
Helen x

Louise said...

Lovely Simone - just carry on doing what you enjoy. x

Carol said...

OOps where did my comment go then!?
Hi Simone it was so good to hear from you.
I love your sampler it will be a treasure.
I have been longing for an old sampler but they are so expensive. I love the way they age.
I look forward to seeing it finished....mine are nowhere near finished they must be 10 years old by now! typical of me.
Take care.
Carol xxx

funkymonkey said...

I love cross stitch too and like you, I've noticed magazines and books disappearing from the shops. Perhaps we should start a two woman revival!


Rosie said...

I love cross stitch too. I used to do it a lot and I have a couple of pictures on my wall. but haven't done any in the passed few years. Your post reminded me how much I enjoyed it. Thanks.x

gillyflower said...

It looks lovely Simone. Good that you stick to what you enjoy regardless of the crafting fashions.
Have a great weekend!
Thanks for your comment!
Gill xx