Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Significant Dream?

I do dream a lot.  Last night I don't remember dreaming but as I woke I had three words in my head. I quickly wrote them down.
These words hold no significance for me.  I don't think I have even heard of the name Penelly before.  Anyway, I did a quick Internet search to see if it would throw up any light on these words and to my surprise I found that there was a woman named Mary Penelly* who was born in Bideford in Devon in 1838.  I suppose the water connection is that Bideford is near the water or maybe she had a fear of water?  

The reason I found this interesting is that I have ancestors that came from Bideford.  I started wondering if she knew them or was neighbours with them, if their paths ever crossed.  

Do these words have any significance for you?  Do you know anyone called Mary Penelly with a connection to water?

* also written as Pengelly.

UPDATE I have spoken to my sister who has been researching our family history.  She found a person called Mary Pengelly on the 1871 census who was born in Devon and lived in Marwood.  She worked at a property as a domestic servant.  Another girl at the property who was also a servant was named Elen Woolacott.  Woollacott (different spelling) is the surname of my ancestors who came from Devon.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Wow Simone that is amazing!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if she turned out to be related to you. I think you need to do more research!
Vivienne x

Helen Philipps said...

How amazing! That is a really strange discovery after your dream about the names!! Sometimes dreams can give us good ideas, and sometimes they lead us to something new...looks like you need to investigate yours a bit further...! Have a happy week, Simone.
Helen x

KC'sCourt! said...

Ooooooooh! Weird and amazing, you will have to do some research.....
Julie xxxxx

Rosie said...

I think I'd want to investigate further about the Bideford connection. I always think of Pennelly as a Cornish name so definitely West country or why don't you write story about Mary? Just wirte and see where it takes you:)

Kathy said...

That's fascinating Simone ..... I wonder if you will dream about her again. I agree with Rosie , it sounds very Cornish to me! I wonder who she was!

crafty cat corner said...

Wow, that is great.
I dream a lot and this makes me think I should write things down.
Maybe you should do some regression, who knows what would turn up.
Hope you have some more dreams like this, I shall be watching this space.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

This keeps getting better! Keep going Simone, I'm loving this!!
Vivienne x

Lisa said...

Wowser, that really is amazing!
Lisa x

amanda claire said...

Dreams are powerful things indeed! Sometimes they are simply our minds working things out, but I do believe that we connect to some really deep stuff sometimes when we dream and it is those dreams that we wake up from and just "feel different" for having dreamt them that makes us realise they were extra special! You never forget dreams like that, especially when you can follow them up like you have... how exciting!

I've had some really amazing dreams as I have worked through emotional and spiritual issues over the years, but I have to say that during pregnancy they are just crazy! Like last night I dreamt I was being chased by massive tanks, shooting fireworks that opened up "wormholes" that could get me to safety if I chose the right one at the right time, but could kill me if I chose the wrong one... I blame my husband for talking about battle games he'd played on his xBox just before bed, but really it was just the crazy hormones for me this time!

You always "know" when a dream has meaning when you wake up and it sticks in your mind and wont let go, so I'd say that dream of yours was quite a powerful one. Have fun finding out as much as you can about Mary Pengelly xx

Michela said...

Wow, I'm intrigued to know more now!

Rosie said...

Don't worry Simone I couldn't give up reading blogs, especially yours.
I dream most night but never anything like this. How interesting to dream a name and that they maybe connected to your family. I think you need to find out more. x

Bluebell said...

How fascinating Simone, you have just got to find out more about her.
You did well to have the presence of mind to write it down, I never do and then forget so quickly. I have never dreamt anything so interesting though!x

Funkymonkey said...

Wow! Simone that was amazing. I'm sure we're all on teterhooks to find out more.


Judy Hartman said...

Are you becoming psychic, Simone?!
I too dream a lot - soon I will post about some funny dreams I've had recently.
Your dream and the resulting words are very interesting!