Thursday, 8 September 2011


'Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen.
Keep in the sunlight'

Benjamin Franklin


  1. An are you paying attention to this quote? Difficult to keep in the sunlight sometimes though.

  2. My mother used to say to me 'don't worry about it, it may never happen' - I hope all is well,Simone? :)

  3. When you're a natural worrier it can be difficult not to do it...but those are such wise words. I hope you will find a way to stay in the sunlight, Simone.
    Helen x

  4. How wise but how difficult to follow! Hope this doesn't mean you are having problems and trying to keep yourself cheery?

  5. What a timely post! (I do hope everything is ok?)

    I really needed to read this tonight, so thanks for sharing xx

  6. Worrying becomes a habit that is very hard to break. I hope you are ok, Simone.

  7. Hi Simone,
    I hadn't heard that particular quote before, it is very wise but not always so easy to live up to!
    Hope you have a lovely and worry free weekend. xx

  8. Here here!

    Simone thanks for your comment, are they hiring 37 year old models? LOL



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