Saturday, 29 October 2011

What's Your Quest?

As a collector of crystals and gemstones, I was drawn to this smokey quartz seer stone.  Seer stones are natural river polished stones that are cut on one side so that you can see within.  They are said to be an aid to meditate on the past, present and future.  I just think they are lovely to look at and hold.

On my last day at primary school, back in the early '70's,  my class teacher gave each child some words of wisdom.  We were to go up to his desk one at a time and he would write down and whisper some words that were applicable to each child.  To me he whispered 'seek and you shall find' and I have been seeking ever since!  I have a quest for knowledge.  I want to know everything about everything and as my Mum once said 'you want to know the ins and outs of a cats ear hole' or words to that effect!!!

It can be quite a tiring feat in seeking and finding.  The more I find the more I want to seek.  I have so much to discover that it would take several lifetimes to ever have 'enough' knowledge.

Do you have a quest in life?  I have listed some suggestions below.  Some apply to me and others don't. 

  • discover the secret of eternal youth
  • research a family tree
  • reach the top of your profession
  • provide a loving and stable home
  • open an animal sanctuary
  • provide for those in 'need'
  • bake the ultimate cake
  • climb a mountain
  • write a book
What's your quest?


  1. Machu Picchu. There. It's out!

  2. That is a beautiful stone Simone.

    I don't have a quest, do you think I should?

  3. Once upon a time I wanted to have my own needlecraft shop. I think it would be quite a headache to do now, in the current economic climate and with shops being replaced by the internet.

  4. Right now my quest is to have more time so I can do what i want to do with my life. I'm working on it!!!
    I love your stone. Lovely colours!

  5. I'd like to be the me I'm meant to be.(if she'd be brave enough to show herself to me.)

  6. I love your mum's saying! ;)
    Opening an animal sanctuary sounds like a great idea although sometimes it feels I already have one!!
    Pretty stone. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. To walk and get outdoors more in general, although at the moment, I would love to finish off the quilt I started about 2 years ago, which doesn't involve going outside much!!!

    Julia x

  8. A lovely stone.It's good to have a quest but mine change all the time.
    I ma struggling with the several at the moment, change my job to something less stressful and move house. I may have to change them to something different thanks to the economy.
    I haope your having better luck.

  9. I've done two of the things on your list although one - researching my family tree is always on going. The other - write a book - I've had two published both local history ones when I worked in a museum. I'd love to write fiction though! I like your Mum's saying and what your teacher said to you. I'd love to have money enough to give away to family, friends and people who need help but I don't think that will ever happen:)

  10. that's a beautiful seer
    i collect stones and crystals too - it began when i lived in morocco and would find wonderful chunks of amethyst at my feet when out walking. i also found some lovely stones encrusted with peridot the most amazing arogonites, rare pink cobalt and some others i can't remember the name of, but they only (apparantely) exist in one place in morocco and on the moon.
    i find some very pretty pieces of calcite when i am on my walks here in somerset. they often appear in early spring, when the fields have been turned over. if i find some good specimens next spring, i'll send you some and maybe one or two of my moroccan treasures too (not just saying that, i will sort some out for you).

    i like your list of quests :)

    i would like to open an animal sanctuary (though many would say i already have one). i would also like to research more of my family tree.

    i think you had a wise and lovely teacher back then and your mum's words made me smile too :)

    wishing you a lovely week xxx

  11. I'd like to be remembered with a smile!

  12. You become more and more interesting as you reveal your interests on your blog, Simone!
    My quest is to write and illustrate a children's book! I think about it a lot but have not begun it yet!!
    Thanks for asking! x

  13. lol love that phrase your Mum used, my Dad uses one which is similar but with a cats back end mentioned - I thought that phrase came from being a vet but it is obviously a well used phrase :-)

    Hhhmm my quest, probably to seek a happy life - not too intense :-)


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