Monday, 9 April 2012

Blogging Observations (Part 3)

Whatever you choose to blog about, someone has beat you to it.

Sometimes we hit a wall and there is nothing left to say.

Whenever you stop reading a blog for a short time, that you regularly read, you find out that you have missed out on a giveaway.

Unless you keep your blog regularly updated, readers will drift away.

You never really know who is reading your blog.

Blogging can be a lonely place.

Sometimes blogging can make a person feel validated.

Some people blog for fun.

Some people blog for business.

Some people blog because they have to.

Some people blog because they want to.

Some bloggers have hidden agendas.

Blogs evolve over time.

Some bloggers leave their old 'friends' to seek out new and exciting ones.

Blogging is time consuming.

Blogging is an investment.

We are all curious.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love your observations Simone, they are so true! :)
V x

Lisa said...

All true! I suppose we all blog for different reasons. It's been a great way to meet new friends and make me try stuff I would have otherwise wished I could give a try and never got round to for lack of confidence.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

All very true, Simone:)

Anne said...

Great observations. Even if you're blogging about something that someone else has blogged about before, it's never quite the same because we each bring our own story to it.

I really liked reading about your volunteer experience in the last post, too! That mansion is beautiful! (I'm sure your willow pea support turned out wonderfully!).

Judy Hartman said...

Well, all of these CAN be true at times, Simone. I find that I get distracted with events in my life and don't check my friends' blogs for several days, but I always love to read what everyone is up to! Blogging is such a wonderful way to make friends from all over the world- especially wonderful friends like you!!

Toffeeapple said...

Those are all valid reasons Simone. I have met several bloggers in real life and not one of them has been less than a true friend in the end.

Lyn said...

All very true Simone. I have loved blogging but feel guilty if I don't get round to reading other blogs it has helped me with my photography and it also makes me get off my bum and make things! I say.....
just do it for yourself and not for others and think of it as a journal.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Honestly I do not care anymore if readers drift away, I have made some good bloggy friends (some of them are also friends in real life) and since blogging is time consuming (and I have less time for it than I had in the past) I only blog for fun and when I have something interesting to share with them, not having many abilities or interests :-)
I love "brave" posts like this one!

KC'sCourt! said...

How very true! I have been on my holiday so have missed lots of posts just catching up as can see!
Julie xxxxx

meadowsweet hare said...

hello dear Simone

others may have blogged about it before, but they won't have blogged about it in your unique way. everyone has their own take on things and your take is one that is always worth hearing.

i had a rather shocking experience a little while back regarding a popular blog i have followed for many years. the blogger commented on my previous blog when i had mentioned hers in a nice way but otherwise never replied to my many comments and as far as i could see did not make a habit of replying to others comments either, but this is understandable as there are may reasons some bloggers are unable to reply to their comments and this did not particularly worry me. i leave a comment as a thankyou for their post, it doesn't have to be a two way conversation (but it is always nice when it is of course). anyway, on one occasion i critised (in a mild, polite and carefully worded way) the blogger in a comment in response to something dodgy (for want of a better word) she had said regarding another creative soul. i did however feel uncomfotable leaving a critical comment (something i would not consider unless i felt very seriously about something that was said and thought it might be damaging) and said so. i then recieved a very angry email written in capital letters from the blogger who claimed i had misunderstood her. for some reason i chose to put this out of my mind, thinking perhaps we were both having a bad day (also i sent an email back to her apologising for the misunderstanding but she did not acknowledge it). anyhow, i carried on visiting and sometimes commenting on the persons blog as before until just recently when my daughter visited it on my recommendation and to my surprise absolutely hated it! she strongly felt the blogger was ungenuine, inauthentic and totally up her own narcisistic ass (my girl has a rather fiesty spirit). i then showed her the email i had recieved from said blogger and she said "there.. i told you! - all sweetness and light on her blog but damned rude and aggresive in reality". hmm...i felt that was a bit harsh, but it did make me wonder. it's hard to pull myself away from the blog i've liked for so long, but it has kind of lost it's lustre for me now and leaves me feeling quite disillusioned.

however, you my dear Simone i feel are straight as a die (and my daughter agrees with me :) thank goodness for genuine blog friends, i say.

warmest hugs xxx


sorry my comments have been few and far lately, my internet time has been very sporadic. i am however officially retired now, so once i have given my house it's much needed blitz i shall be a lady of leasure, might even find time to blog again :)

Helen Philipps said...

I always love reading your blogging observations, Simone! You do seem very good at noticing these things and actually putting them into words too!
Helen x

sharon said...

I blog to remind myself of what I've been up to and to keep tabs on who I am. I'm glad a few kindred spirits have begun to walk along beside me on the journey. Good people to know, like yourself, Simone.

Kate said...

These are all so true! Thank you for commenting on my blog - I've only just discovered yours and it's lovely, looking forward to reading it! x

Rosie said...

Interesting post Simone and so true. I love reading your blog and hope you keep blogging for whatever reason.x

Leanne said...

I think we all have these times of self doubt simone. I know I do. I get few comments these days, not like in the past. Having had to move my blog address over all that silly hoo-ha as you know, my registered follower dropped from nearly 300 to a mere 59!! Half the time I think I am talking to myself! i continue to blog as I enjoy the discipline of it? the challenge of keeping it going? also- and importantly-My life is quite insular in some ways. and it is an escape route some days, and on other days its a safety valve for me.Something to distract me? Its hard to define really.

Leanne x

selfsewn said...

We all think these things Simone,
we just keep them hidden.
It's enivitable that blogs/bloggers evolve, I know mine has.
Just keep your blog real xx

shan said...

Hi Simone,
I just popped across for a visit and enjoyed your observations about blogging - I am sure they are all true, as your other blogging friends have confirmed. I am still toying with the idea of starting a blog. My problem , like everyone else's, is time. I've kept a diary for many years, and even that has suffered in the last year or so because of time constraints. If I'm blogging, that means I'm not designing, making, doing my paperwork, cleaning the house, researching ideas, completing the house renovations, seeing friends and family.... see what I mean?! So...the jury is still out! It's lovely to meet you anyway!
Shan x

where the journey takes me said...

Hi there
I haven't been here for a while as life just takes over but i do drop in from time to time. I love your list of observations and as a new blogger myself it is encouraging to find that blogging although hard work and time consuming can also be fun, creative and something of value that can be shared. As well as being a personal day to day journal it allows me to challenge both myself and my thoughts. I expect that as a blog evolves the readers will change as well over time. Just as the same recipe will turn out differently when made by different people the same stories, events etc will be written differently by different bloggers. For me this is what makes reading other blogs interesting. I look forward to more of your observations.