Sunday, 15 April 2012

Creative Play

I've been playing with paints this week and not so much pootling with paper.  The inks and acrylic paints came out of hibernation and I got to know them again.  Usually when I am in a creative mood I try to produce something - an end result - a finished project.  This time I just applied paints to Artists Trading Cards (ATC's) sized paper without any pre-conceived idea of what I would do with the paper after.  I got some surprising results especially looking at the dramatic colour palette I had chosen and of the bold, thickly applied strokes, and I always thought I was a pastel and somewhat subdued flower!

A few years back I took up water colour painting classes for one morning a week.  Although I progressed through the course I used to get frustrated that my paintings often looked wishy-washy due to the amount of water added to the paint.  I gave up the classes when I had reached saturation point in what I was gaining from doing the course.

A few years on, I am no longer limiting myself to water colour paints.  There is a World of all sorts of colouring mediums out there for me to try.

I cannot finish this post without acknowledging the kind and positive comments left to me on my last post.  Your words really helped to put me into a positive mindset.  With the positivity came the creativity.  Thank you. x


Lyn said...

I think mixed media is an exciting way to experiment Simone, I want to try and do more...when I get the time!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

So there you are, you're not such a subdued little flower after all! It's amazing what a paintbrush can bring out in you. :)
Vivienne x

Judy Hartman said...

Dear Simone, I love your vibrant colors! And I'm so glad you were uplifted by the kind words of friends! Keep playing - it feels so good!!

Rosie said...

Glad you are feeling more positive again, Simone:)

Karen L R said...

this photo looks like a playground of possibilities!

Toffeeapple said...

It's so good to hear you sounding brighter Simone. Enjoy your experimenting, it's good to play without having an end result.

Anne said...

So glad to see you playing with your paints! Love the little glance onto your table. I'm always drawn to those boxes and bottles of ink, but have no idea how to play with them, other than using them with fountain pens. Seeing them on your work space makes me want to get some and try them out!