Friday, 11 May 2012

After the Rain the Sun

It has rained here everyday since 9th April.  I had envisaged a garden full of wild flowers this year but it has been too cold and wet to sow the seeds.  Today we had a brief respite from the cold wet weather.  As the sun appeared I went into the front garden to gather some Lily of the Valley to bring into the house.  The cold wet, weather has been the ideal conditions for them to flourish and they have spread like weeds along one side of the garden path.

The rain has made the garden green and lush and everything is just waiting to burst into flower.  We are forecast a dry spell over the weekend.  Maybe it is not too late to sow the seeds for my cottage garden.


Anne said...

It's not to late! Sow them!

Your lily of the valley is gorgeous. The white stands out against the dark green of the leaves... I can just imagine the fragrance.

What a weird year it's been weather-wise, just about everywhere! Even with less than ideal conditions, flowers till bloom.

Enjoy the sunshine!!

Rosie said...

How lovely to be able to grow Lily of the Valley in your garden - we've tried to grow it but it doesn't like the clay soil here:)

greenthumb said...

I hope the sunshine comes and stays for awhile I think you need it. Hope you get your seeds planted.

Judy Hartman said...

I agree with Anne - sow your seeds! And, I have to say, your photograph is really beautiful!!

sharon said...

You do take such wonderful photographs, Simone.
And it is never to late to sow seeds, of any sort.'

Lisa said...

Everything is so green which is great but some splashes of cottage garden colour would be lovely to see too!
Hope you are enjoying the sun.
Lisa x

catkin tales said...

your blog has such a lovely gentility and grace, this with your love of nature reminds of the artist/writer edith holden.
the lily of the valley is beautiful!
i am sorry to read, in your previous post that you lost a sweet feathered friend. i think that your words there are the most lovely and perfect tribute.
i created a fresh new blog recently! for personal reasons i can no longer use my real name online and so am adopting my maternal grandmother's name 'dorothy' she was an artistic soul and it feels right for my blog and me.
i will leave morikomidori where it is for now, but will no longer post there. this fresh start reflects what is going on in my life. much has changed, mostly for the good :) i have now retired and the more i am getting used to it the more i enjoy it. although my days in some ways seem just as busy, if not busier than before. but less stressful - i really can chose my pace. gosh! sorry, i hadn't meant to waffle this much.
i hope you are having a fine weekend, dear simone and that the coming months bring you the joy you deserve. did you know that lily of the valley symbolises the return of happiness?!!:)

catkin tales said...

thank you for your kind words simone
and for the warmth of your welcome. it is good to be back and with a new start.
wishing you a lovely weekend

warmest hugs xxx

A garden just outside Venice said...

I love Lilies of the Valley and they seem back to life in my garden after years of dissapearance!

Toffeeapple said...

That is a glorious image Simone, enjoy your Lily of the Valley, I can't grow them here.