Friday, 18 May 2012

Setting Intentions

We are coming up to the new moon on Sunday.  This is a time for planting and planning ideas and sowing intentions so that they may come to fruition over the coming month.  I don't know how much truth there is in doing things by the cycle of the moon but it has been useful to me in organising things in my life.

It was dry and bright this morning.  A perfect time to sow my cottage garden seeds that have been sitting in their packet since March, waiting for the optimum time to be sown.  Today was that day.  The earth was raked over, the seeds scattered and then watered in to start the magic.

Later today I will write down my intentions for the coming month.  What do I want to achieve?  How do I see my Etsy shop developing?  What ideas do I have?

I think it is a good idea to write these thoughts down as it helps me to keep on track and focus on things to do in the coming month.

It has clouded over now.  The sun has disappeared.  It is a time for quiet reflection.  A time to nurture ideas.   A time to sow seeds - either in the gardening sense of the word or metaphorically speaking.


  1. I don't have "green fingers" but my husband does and he always follows the cycles of the moon when sowing seeds.

  2. Simone, Thank you for the reminder about the moon phase. I hope that the planting of those tiny seeds has given you joy and the optimism to move forward, even as your own energies wane.
    Your photo is stunning. It is of a type of flower I really love but have never been able to grow. My wish for you is that it blooms the entire season and when you glance on it you'll see the shining face of your blogger friend across the ocean who sends her continued good wishes.

  3. Gorgeous picture, Simone. Right, that's it then. On Sunday I shall sow those flower seeds that I've been waiting to sow when the weather warms up. I sowed some runner beans and french beans today - the last ones showed very mixed results, so hopefully the moon will do it's magic this time!

  4. What a stunning photograph Simone!
    Hope you got your seeds (in both senses) sown.
    Very best wishes for your Etsy shop. :)
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  5. gardeners and farmers have been planting and sowing by the phases of the moon for centuries, i don't think they would have done so if there wasn't anything in it.
    the moon pulls the tides and we along with other forms of animal and plant life, consist larrgely of water.
    the photograph is very beautiful. i wish your garden well xx

  6. Hope those little seeds (organic and thoughtbased ones) grow into something beautiful.
    Lisa x

  7. Dear Simone,

    I wish you much joy with your Etsy Shop. I have a feeling you will do very well indeed. I also wish you many quiet moments of reflection and gardening to keep those seeds flourishing ;-)


  8. One of my favourite herb gardens gives instructions on their information labels for lunar planting! I hope, come summer, you will have some lovely cottage garden flowers in your garden:)

  9. This coming moon phase brought us a major heartquake last night :(
    Hope it helps you in a better way :)

  10. Oh, maybe I sowed my grass seeds a week early!

  11. Such * beautiful * flowers!!!


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