Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Berry Nice to See You

Half way through the year and what a strange one it has been.  A year of extremes.  I am slimmer, I feel healthier but feel devoid of love.

My favourite hen died, my cat had a mystery and expensive illness, my garden has given up.

I make things almost daily so that I have a reason for being.

I volunteer so that I have a sense of belonging.

My heart is heavy with unfulfilled dreams and only god knows how much I try to make those dreams a reality.

I look forward with trepidation but also with hope.

This year I have given my garden back to nature.  All the potted fruit trees have failed to bear fruit.  Strawberries didn't come to bear.  The lavender has died.  Woody shrubs have blackened with unexpected frosts.  But boy, this is going to be a fantastic year for blackberries and I am looking forward to the harvest.


  1. It's the weather I think - our strawberries just disappeared from the plants long before they were big enough to ripen, the sweet peas are really struggling, some plants seem to have given up the ghost whilst others are doing well it's all a mystery. Enjoy your blackberries in due course. Sorry to hear you are in such a difficult place just now - do hope you will soon feel better.

  2. We are cultivating giant weeds in our garden this year. Warm days and lots of rain and there's no stopping them!
    Hope you feel a bit brighter in the second half of the year!

  3. I think the amount of rain we have had has taken it's toll on the garden. My strawberries aren't great either but on the plus side I have the best foxgloves ever in my garden.
    Enjoy your blackberries when they arrive.
    Take care Simone hope you feel much better soon.
    Vivienne x

  4. Jerome often tells me that when some things are bad I have a tendency to think everything is bad. Just hang onto the idea of blackberries and give all the rest of your cares away.
    As for feeling devoid of love, it is a universal experience. Let me just share this, I've grown to love you through your devotion to your hen, your unfailing love for your cat, your optimistic and constant nurturing of your garden, your generosity in volunteering, your creative and varied artistic abilities, and your heart's refusal to give up. Believe this, Simone and be lifted. Big hugs and healing energy from the driftless region of Wisconsin, USA.

  5. simone, if you have read my blog lately you will see i feel the same. Sometimes i feel i am adrift in a rowing boat with no oars, with no control over where i am going. We keep on, because however fed up we are right now,, we cling to that little spark of hope within us that things will get better..

    and often they do, if we have patience. I think these becalmed days are lessons for us in life,..

    Leanne x

  6. our gartden is also turning back to nature...just think of the blackberry jam this autumn!

  7. I hope you have taken Sharon's comment to heart, Simone. And I feel the same. Things go in cycles, I find, so you never know what will be right around the corner! Blackberries and something wonderful for you, I hope!!

  8. Here too the weeds are taking over! I'm struggling to cope with the garden and the weather. I've just given up trying to combat them. I hope you feel more positive soon and hope Gizmo is feeling much better. Just think that later this year there will be blackberry jam:)

  9. Oh Simone, I too know this kind of feeling. My life has been turned upside down since my pregnancy last year (in both amazing and heartbreaking ways) and it is a strange mix of emotions. Sending you virtual hugs xx

  10. Like you, I feel like giving the garden over to nature this year - or to be more specific - to the slugs! But I have had some strawberries (probably not as many as the slugs have had) and it looks as if there'll be a good crop of blackberries here too.


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