Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Christmas in July

It had to be done!  Thoroughly fed up with this miserable,wet,slimy snail weather, I decided to focus on future months!  I reckoned that by the time I have got my Christmas crafting out of the way I will be able to enjoy the long, hot, balmy Indian summer that we are going to have and not stress about making things for Christmas.

With this in mind I have added a Christmas category to my etsy shop.  There is only one thing in there at the moment but I hope to add to it over the coming weeks.

To my American friends, Happy Independence Day!  I was in the USA about 20 years ago on July 4th in Plimoth, Massachusetts.  I had a huge breakfast of crepes, maple syrup, bacon, eggs and coffee in a traditional diner and then I sat on the kerb outside and cheered and waved as the parade came down the street.  That was one of the best days of my life!


  1. thank you for your good wishes, simone xx
    it's lovely to hear of your wonderful day in massachusetts :)
    i very much want one of those christmas collage kits and am glad to hear there are going to be more avaiable later as all my pocket money is being spent on baby things at the moment.
    your rose and teacup cards are very pretty too. i adore the butterfly one i purchased from you, i was going to give it to someone else but love it so much i don't think i can bear to part with it. i think i will need to buy another.

    warmest blessings and wishes for sunshine xx (i am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be sunny on st. swithun's day)

  2. I like your thinking Simone, especially the long hot balmy Indian summer!!! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Wow Christmas already....well done!

  4. Simone,
    Thanks for the cool breeze your Christmas in July has breathed across my heart today. A virtual reality snowman hug!
    Yes, 4th of July in just about any town in the USA is an experience that catches your heart in your throat and stirs the blood to be grateful. If only we had leaders today of the quality of those signers of our Declaration of Independence...
    And if only we could share some of that wet weather you're having! America is literally burning this summer. I worry about my chickens. I just brought them some chilled fruit slices to cool them and add a bit more moisture to their diet. Any suggestions for helping my flock in this heat wave??

  5. Looks like you have been keeping your self busy.

  6. Those parcels look exciting!
    Julie xxxxxx


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