Sunday, 15 July 2012

The 'Meadow'

In this photo you can see the scale of the Fairy Toadflax from the previous post!  It is very much a fairy meadow as it isn't much bigger than a square metre!!!  Depending on how the meadow plants progress will determine whether or not to extend it out across the garden.  It will be extremely low maintenance apart from having to stake a few plants here and there.  The down side will be the lack of flowers throughout the winter months.  I have two other seed mixes still to try out but they will have to wait until next spring now.  That will be something to look forward to!!!

I can imagine swathes of meadow and cottage garden flowers spread around the garden and I will be a step closer to making my garden the magical haven that I dream of.


Toffeeapple said...

It looks pretty Simone, I wish you well in your endeavours to make it just the way you want it to be.

marigold jam said...

It looks really lovely and natural Simone. I love it.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely Simone! :)
When you add more wildflower seeds it will be that magical little place you want it to be with allsorts popping up everywhere!
I have been taking photos of wilflowers this week when we have been out and about, I'll have to do post about them soon.
Happy Sunday, we have sunshine, hope you do too.
Vivienne x

Paula said...

Your garden is so pretty and looking magical to me already.

catkin tales said...

your little fairy spot already has a magical energy that will bring you much joy and abundance in the coming months and years as it unfolds it's secrets.
i just recently discovered a very special garden blog
i think you will love. i was laid up for a day and spent most of it reading through the posts, i am sure it was meant as i learnt so much there.

fairy blessings of sunshine and butterflies (both have been scarce this summer and we need them) xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

OooooH a fairy garden, that looks really lovely.
Did you put special seeds in the grass? It just looks like the garden for me!
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Anne said...

Your meadow is SO beautiful!!

Do you usually have flowers during the winter months?? Lucky you!!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Lyn said...

it is looking lovely Simone.

sharon said...

Amazing what a wet summer can yield. Lovely, lovely.
I hope to spread all my old seeds in our meadow the next time we get a good rain. I have many seed packets from years of saving everything and think that at least some of those seeds will take hold.Then perhaps next summer i can post such a verdant photo. Truth be told, there is always some magic in the garden. Sometimes the hunt is just a bit trickier to find it, but it's always there waiting to be discovered.

Lisa said...

It may be small but it is perfectly formed in a natural meadow kind of way!
Lisa x

Jennifer Richardson said...

what a beautiful blog!
so glad to have found you and light to you
in all of your making, baking,
growing and painting:)
(you're a woman after
my own heart)