Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Feel for Autumn

Many of you will know that I am not a big fan of Summer.  She is full of expectations and rarely delivers.  Our whole year seems to focus on the coming Summer, that visits in spits and spats.  For a few days the temperatures soar to ridiculous heights and the humidity is unbearable.  Once we get used to her hanging about for a while and adapting our life to accommodate, she decides to have a strop and hide behind the clouds.

My favourite season of the year used to be Spring.  A time of hope.  A time of new beginnings.  This year the Spring failed to live up to expectations too.  The cold and wet weather didn't give seedlings a good start and many plants failed to come to fruition.

We are now heading towards the Autumn.  My ideal autumnal day would be a crisp cool day with a cornflower blue sky.  A slight chill in the air in the morning and at night.  Autumn is a time for long walks in the countryside and foraging for berries and nuts. 

I have high hopes for Autumn.  I hope she doesn't let me down.

Edited:  I do try to extract the best not only out of each season but also out of every day.  I look for the positive in every situation but sometimes this can get very wearing.  I am finding life quite challenging at the moment and regularly picking myself up and dusting myself down repeatedly does begin to take its toll.

Life has been frenetic in the these past few months.  I am looking forward to a time of peace and quiet reflection.  Wishing a quiet time to all of you who seek it too. x


  1. I think you have described summer very concisely there Simone!
    Crisp days in autumn are just the best for walks.
    Lisa x

  2. I think we have to accept what comes and enjoy the moments in every season which are good. There have been many lovely hours this summer in between the showers and at least it's not too hot and no garden watering required. An autumn day such as you describe would be great but we cannot rely on those either I don't think. Great expectations are often a disappointment but taking life as it comes brings many lovely times. At least that's what I am trying to convince myself!

  3. PS Hope that didn't come over as a holier than thou lecture? Didn't mean it to. And I forgot to say how lovely your photo is.

  4. I love the spring and the summer. I'm a sunshine girl and although it has been in short supply this year it has been warm and I love the long days.
    Autumn is ok when it is as you describe but I won't even consider it being autumn until October as I like to squeeze the last drop out of summer.
    Winter I could do without and it's the season I struggle with, I don't particularly like Christmas and I love when we get to the beginning of a new year.
    However as Jane says let's all take it one day at a time, best way I think.
    Vivienne x

  5. That's a beautiful image Simone, what kind of leaf is it?

    I am not expecting too much from autumn since spring knocked a lot of flowers from fruiting plants which means fewer fruits to forage.

  6. Summer used to be my favourite season, with lots of hours spent outside enjoying the sunshine, but since a few years, this one in particular, I'm spending it stuck indoor because of my sick sinuses. I feel like I were dead, not able to go to the seaside or sunbathe in the garden. I'm so looking forward enjoying cooler temperatures.
    I really hope Autumn will bring some improvements for my health, as well as for my working life, which I find quite hard to cope with lately.
    Take care dear Simone, I hope the new coming season will be kind to you.


  7. Beautiful photo, Simone. I love all the seasons in different ways. I am still hoping for a bit more summer yet though! I do love those crisp autumn days that you describe so well too. I hope you feel better soon, and that life seems sunnier for you whatever the season brings.
    Take care :)
    Helen x

  8. I'm still hoping against hope that we'll get some lovely summer days as I don't want it to be autumn and winter yet. Like greenrabbit I won't accept it is autumn until October. I've spent the last week doing things around the house like clearing cupboards and taking things to the charity shop - something I'd normally do on dark winter days when you can't get out and about. Weather patterns are changing and I expect, although I don't want to admit it, that the distinct difference of the four seasons is a thing of the past. I hope you find the peace and quiet you are seeking Simone:)

  9. Hi Simone,
    Summer takes a lot out of me - the heat and humidity!!
    Autumn has always been my favorite, although there is something wonderful about each season!
    I do hope that things pick up for you soon, my friend.

  10. Oh, and that photo is exquisite!!

  11. I love summer, BUT, I hate the heat and humidity and we always have it. Silly that I keep trying to love summer anyway. Our hot, hot summer is making me think fondly of the coming autumn, too. Sweaters and jeans, walks in the woods, a fire in the fireplace, soup. Sounds pretty good to me.

    I'm right there with you on the difficulty of finding Joy when Joy is elusive. It's hard to find the balance of being open to Joy but not forcing it, to focus on it without becoming frustrated with yourself for not finding it. I think the key is peace and quiet reflection. Slowing down and taking time for yourself and for your feelings.

    Here's to a lovely, Joyful autumn for us both!

  12. Once again you provide a stunning photo that takes my breath away.
    I think even poor Mother Nature is frustrated this year. As we slip into autumn, let's take each day, or part of a day that is soft and comforting and savor it. These are, after all, the only days given to us.

  13. i can find good things in all seasons and spring is usually my favourite but this year was a wash out! I think it will make it slim pickings for fruit this year too. Never mind!

  14. oh how I love Fall
    and look forward to her
    shy and shimmery ways:)


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