Thursday, 25 October 2012


Samhain is the Autumn Cross Quarter Festival.  It marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter.  'It is the right time to connect to our root energy and for internalising the creative life force.' (Glennie Kindred)

With the onset of Winter, it is time to adjust to the changing season. The nights are longer, birds have migrated, animals go into hibernation and there is a chill in the air.  It is a time of death and then the time of rebirth at the Winter Solstice, when the light returns and the day's gradually lengthen again.

I love this time of year.  A time for enjoying nourishing homemade soups and baked goods,  getting out and about and being at one with nature, having good books to curl up with, indulging in creative pursuits, sitting by candlelight and giving oneself permission to rest and regenerate.

A mystical energy pervades the air.  Life holds so many possibilities.  This is the time to wrap myself in an imaginary cocoon and emerge like a butterfly the following Spring.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I think we're going to realise that it's the beginning of winter come the weekend with the drop in temperatures and the end of British Summer Time.
So glad you're embracing the change in the season Simone, not so sure I am though! I look forward to the winter solstice and the lengthening days and spring!!!
Vivienne x

A garden just outside Venice said...

Today I've learnt something new, I didn't know about daylight increasing starting from the Winter Solstice!
Btw lovely post!

rusty duck said...

I like the image of the cocoon. Being cosy and snuggling up is the good thing about winter.

sharon said...

Thanks for the reminder, Simone. I hope you take your words to heart and treat yourself with utmost tenderness.

Toffeeapple said...

I hope you do manage to cocoon yourself against Winter's onslaught Simone. I must admit that Winter Solstice is the one that I favour, bringing, as it does, the hope of Spring and renewal.

Rosie said...

I too like the image of the cocoon. I love snuggling up with a good book and making lots of warming soup:)

Judy Hartman said...

What a beautiful image, Simone! Thinking of wrapping oneself in a cocoon of warmth and comfort makes me want to do the same!
I love the idea of 'connecting to our root energy' and 'internalising the creative life force'! This view of winter is very comforting!

Lyn said...

There is a real chill in the air tonight, a night to light candles and have a real fire to curl up with. Still I can't say I am looking forward to going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, that just makes me depressed ! X

wherethejourneytakesme said...

I always said that Humans should hibernate like some animals do!
I can never quite reset my body-clock when the British Summer Time ends and I am hopeless at getting up in the cold dark mornings but I do like Autumn and Winter for all that - I like the cosy fireside evenings and drawing the curtains to shut out the world and settling down with a few books or just watching TV. I will now be able to tell my better half I am 'cocooning'