Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nil Desperandum

For 13 days I have been noting 10 Latin words, phrases or sayings as part of my 30 day November challenge.  It has been a brief respite from worrying about my husband who has been suffering from Labyrinthitis for the last 10 days.  In the 24 years that we have been married I have never seen him so ill.  I want to say to him 'do not despair' but at the moment he can't see any light at the end of the tunnel and wonders when he will be able to function normally again. Please keep him in your thoughts and I will pass on any words of encouragement to him.

*By the way I had my last scheduled dental appointment a week ago.  Regular readers will know that I have a phobia of visiting the dentist and am prone to panic attacks.  Knowing that my husband was in such a poor state of health, I knew that I couldn't feel worse than he was feeling.  With a deep breath I closed my eyes and let the dentist complete the work, whilst silently thinking the mantra 'you are strong'.  Let's hope I am strong when the next course of treatment begins!


  1. I'm really sorry to hear that your husband isn't feeling so well Simone! Please send him my best wishes and I hope he'll be back to full health really soon!
    Well done with the dentist, if you were strong once then you can be strong again!
    Vivienne x

  2. How awfuol for your poor husband - I do hope he will feel better soon it must be horrible to feel so giddy all the time and not know whether he is coming or going - my heartfelt sympathies. Glad you managed to get your dental treatment done without any major problems! Now you know you can do it the next time cannot be so bad. Nil desperandum indeed!

  3. Thinking of your poor husband - hope he feels better soon. I don't think there is anything worse than Labyrinthitis.
    I know exactly how you feel about the dentist. The dentist where I go has a map of the world on the ceiling so whilst he is doing his thing one can travel the world wondering what all those countries with strange sounding names look like!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Simone, I feel for you both. Mike had this last year and for a short while it was terrible for him. But it DOES get better, and after 10 days your husband should be feeling an improvement soon. It will take a little while to fully go away, but Mike developed 'coping strategies' such as getting out of bed a certain way, to try and keep his head in the same position and avoid the vertigo.

    And well done with the dentist. Jx

  5. Sending your husband my best wishes, hoping for a quick recovery!
    So proud of you :)

  6. I am sorry to hear that your husband is having such an awful time a the moment, I hope he starts to feel better very soon.
    Well done on the dental work, you did so well going.
    Lisa x

  7. It is a horrid thing to have but, it does go away. Hugs to you both.

  8. I hope your husband makes a good recovery very soon x

  9. My friend suffered a bout of Labyrinthitis last year. It was not fun, so I feel for your poor hubby. Hope he's feeling better soon.

    And go you with the dentist, that was brave.

  10. Hope your husband gets better soon Simone and well done with the dentist. I had to go to the dentist last week after years of avoiding it and now all of a sudden I have 4 more appointments and I'm bracing myself. Keeping you both in my thoughts.

  11. I had to look up what Labyrinthitis was, it sounds very unpleasant and I do hope he's feeling better soon. Well done with the dentisit, I'm going to take your mantra with me this morning as I have an appointment for root canal work which I'm not looking forward to. Take carex

  12. So sorry to hear how ill your husband has been and I hope he is soon feeling much better. Well done on getting trhough the dental treatment. Now you can tell yourself that you have got through it once so can again :)
    Helen x

  13. First, I looked up your latin phrase. "I am not going to give up" was one of the definitions. Perfect attitude, Simone, for there is nothing as difficult as watching someone you love suffer.
    Second, I looked up Labyrinthitis. What I've read says it takes time but will go away of its own eventually. Believe in your mantra, you are strong, Simone. Know you have many loving friends sending grace your way.


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