Tuesday, 27 November 2012

November Moon

The moon looked so huge in the misty, murky darkness tonight.  Tomorrow it will reach its fullness and then start to wane again. 

On my 'slow walk' to Christmas, I cleared out a cupboard today to make room for stocking up on Christmas snacks and treats.  It feels good to tick a job off my imaginary 'to do' list.

At the moment I feel as though I am in limbo.  I want to take things slowly but I want November to hurry up and be over!  I think the lack of sunlight has really taken its toll on me this year especially not having been away on holiday or even to the beach in the UK for a couple of years.  I think I must make the effort to get away next year otherwise I may just become a hermit!

Have you got a minute or two to spare?  If so; just close your eyes, take a couple of slow deep breaths and imagine the feeling of warm sunshine on your skin.  You can taste the salty sea air on your lips and hear the waves just gently lapping along the beach.  You feel calm and contented and at peace.  Feel better?  This rotten weather we are experiencing will not last even though it feels as though it has gone on forever.  The blue skies and sunny days WILL return.  Have faith. x


  1. I've been stuck at home for a week now, so have not had any chance to take a look up in the sky.
    I've a current wish which is visiting the beach soonm even if we are in Winter..

  2. We have had some lovely clear nights to look at the moon, we've been very lucky weatherwise. It's chilly but that's ok, because we have had lovely clear bright days.
    Vivienne x

  3. I have had a couple of outings to the coast and have enjoyed the sunshine and filed those memories away in my mental album for times such as these. The Spring will come and there will be more daylight if we just have patience!! We will appreciate them all the more after all this rain.

  4. I hope you're right Simone. Right now I feel like emigrating.
    Great moon pic!

  5. Your photo is magical. Isn't it a pleasant thought: Simone and I see the same lovely moon and it acts as a connecting thread between us. I can feel you vibrating at the other end of our connection. That's me tugging to get your attention!
    Sorry your November has been so grey. In America it is nearly always the greyest month of the year. But crystal winter days are around the corner.
    I really love your idea of a slow walk to Christmas. I'm trying to be on a similar path. Thanks for the thought.
    By the way, how is your husband's labrynthitis?

  6. Yes, Simone, somehow the sun always seems to return, even after the gloomiest weather!
    Your photo is wonderfully mysterious and broody! Hope you find some sunshine soon! Love your visualization!

  7. That was lovely, thank you Simone! It's been horribly dreary here, too. Fall and winter in Cleveland can be brutally lacking in sunshine.

    I understand your being torn between taking things slowly and speeding things up. Lately I've been trying to savor things and I had some good days full of joy. On the flip side, when I'm trying to work on things I never seem to accomplish as much as I want to. I've even been trying to limit my internet time, but even that is not helping. It was fun to catch up on your blog. I've missed it!

  8. I used to feel the same about November, but since I've been involved with Operation Christmas Child, November just flies by!

  9. Like you, I think this week is dragging on I know there are things to be done but I haven't the incentive or indeed the energy to do them I'm wasting so much time and I'll never have it back. The sun is out this morning and I'm going to take myself off for a walk into town. Love your moon photo:)

  10. We have had so much sunshine, it's been so hot. Hope you get to see some blue sky's and sunshine soon.

  11. I saw that same big moon last night. Huge on the horizon. It's a little spooky, but just pleased to glimpse it through the clouds. Our forecast for the rest of the week is dry bright and cold. Much better than grey.

  12. we have had some lovely skies this month but I will be glad when December comes and then we will be closer to solstice and then longer days!!!!!!!!


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