Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Eve with Auntie Gladys

Christmas Eve with Auntie Gladys was special.  In the early days I would catch the train with my Mum, Dad and Sister and then have a short walk to my Great Aunt Gladys home.  She would welcome us all with open arms and Uncle Les would stand as the doorman and take our coats as we were ushered into the warm living room.

The Christmas tree was always an artificial white one (as far as I can remember) and I loved it.  It was so contemporary for that time back in the late 1960's.  In the corner of the room was a table packed with festive fare from trifle to chocolate logs and Christmas cake.  Her speciality though was boiled bacon sandwiches and we would each have a plate piled high on soft, fresh white bread with pickles as an accompaniment.

I usually made her a present for Christmas and you would think that it was the best present in the whole World!  It was worth making just for the sheer joy she expressed on receiving it.  She kept those gifts until the day she died.

Some Christmases she and Uncle Les would put on the TV and we would watch a bit of Morecombe and Wise or maybe Perry Como together.  The memories really do seem like a lifetime ago.  As I get older the memories are not so crystal clear and the years seem to intermingle.  Even if my memories are not quite as I remembered I will never forget the feeling of love and warmth received on those Christmas Eve's many, many moons ago.  She would secretly whisper into my ear 'you know you're my favourite' and I would hold on to that special secret for many years until I found out that she had said it to us all!! 

Thank you Auntie Gladys and Uncle Les for giving me such wonderful recollections of Christmas past.

* picture in book 'Christmas Dreams by the Fireside - Anon.'


  1. That's a lovely story, Simone. Fond memories.

  2. Oh what a beautiful story - it is lovely to have a wonderful family, I am just learning about mine!
    Julie xxxxx

  3. That a wonderful, heartwarming story Simone.

  4. Those early Christmas memories are the best and something precious to hold on to. It is special moments like this that I have always tried to re-create for my girls. As you mention Christmas is really all about 'feeling' and atmosphere and when it comes down to it very little to do with the presents. What a lovely picture too - dreaming by an open fire!

  5. What lovely memories to have Simone. Mine all get mixed up nowadays.

  6. Awe, what lovely memories Simone! We had a white/silver tree in the late sixties too definitely a sign of the times! :)
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  7. Special memories about special loved ones at the most special time of year.
    Lisa x

  8. What a heart warming story, Simone. I so enjoyed reading this post, and your words captured the past so well! I remember my family having the same sort of white twinkly tree too!
    It's lovely that you have such warm memories of your kind aunt and uncle, something to always treasure.
    Helen x

  9. A lovely memory Simone. The feeling of love and warmth costs nothing and lasts a lifetime. x

  10. This is so beautiful, Simone, and beautifully written. What a loving auntie you had and what a lovely memory. Thank you so much for sharing it! xx

  11. What lovely memories, Simone! I like the way you've written about your Aunt and Uncle they sound lovely, warm and friendly. I had an aunt Gladys too, she was my Mum's elder sister, she too was lovely and was my favourite Aunt:)

  12. Morecambe and Wise! The very best! My favourite sketches are the Newsreaders take on South Pacific....Elton John, Andre Preview! Laughing here at the memories! Classic!

  13. What lovely memories! That part about her whispering that you were her favorite brought tears to my eyes. Of course you each were her favorite!

    My grandpa had a silver tree and I loved it (still do... I eye them in antique shops).

    Thank you for sharing, Simone!

  14. Such a lovely tribute to your aunt, thank you for sharing!


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