Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Month

On my slow walk to Christmas I am doing something each day towards it.  Yesterday I defrosted the freezer so I have room to stock up before the big day.  During the week I have been buying bottles of festive drinks along with my regular shopping and bags of Kettle chips and savoury snacks whilst they are on special offer.  We know that as soon as we get nearer to Christmas the prices will shoot up!  I really hate doing the big Christmas shop where you see people with loaded trolley's full of stuff that will probably get thrown away.  I much prefer the little and often approach.

I have started to put the festive tea light holders and tart burners out on display and I will add to the decorations gradually over the coming days rather than dedicating a whole day to doing it all at once.

Today is distinctly chilly.  I have had a saunter around the shops whilst exasperated shoppers push and shove each other in search of a bargain.  I am not going to be part of this lunacy and panic buying!   I have come home to relax with a hot drink and cosy blanket and smile back at a pipe smoking snowman.


  1. As they say great minds think alike!
    That is exactly how I have planned my December.
    Julie xxxxx

  2. That's what I have been doing also. Cute snowman.

  3. What a lovely slow walk you are having, I just know mine will be a sprint towards the end! Move over Mo Farah!!

  4. You are so right Simone, you'll enjoy it all the more!
    have a lovely relaxing Sunday,
    Vivienne x

  5. Lovely photo, Simone! You are inspiring me to do a bit at a time before Christmas. No sense in getting all stressed out! xx

  6. My slow walk is almost a crawl, I did manage to do a little more towards it today! I have cards, I have stamps and I've found the address book but I can't seem to put them all together at the moment:)

  7. Oh dear. I've done nothing yet.. definitely next week.

  8. Thank you for this happy, happy pipe smokin' snowman! His jolly grin made my day. Keep the slow walk my friend. I'm right there beside you.
    love from the heart of the driftless region... a magical land not so far away by blog.

  9. I like decorating little by little too! Though I've has sick children at home, which does tend to compress something leisurely into a gallop.


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