Friday, 21 December 2012

Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.  From now on the days gradually get longer until the Summer Solstice in June.  We have had wet and murky weather for most of the week but today there was a break in the clouds and the Sun and blue sky made a brief appearance.

I like the composition of the photo above with the shadowy evergreens to the right, a waxing gibbous moon towards the top and a plane soaring upwards to the left.  I took this photo just before sundown.

I am still taking a slow and methodical walk to Christmas and savouring the small things such as the first bite of stollen cake or a fine sweet sherry. 

This weekend I will consolidate any jobs I have left to do.  The curtain making will take place in the new year now as it is not imperative that I have new dining room curtains up by Christmas.

I hope that you have enjoyed taking a slow walk to Christmas with me. x


  1. I think the slow walk is over for me it's now the mad dash.

  2. You were right to relax yourself into Christmas, much more enjoyable.
    I love your photo, it really sums up the Winter Solstice.
    Happy weekend Simone. :)
    Vivienne xxx

  3. I feel like I have so much to do because this virus has just set me back, my slow walk became a lie on the sofa and now I need to go and buy presents tomorrow!!! Hey-ho Merry Christmas! Xxx

  4. I still slowly walking
    Merry Christmas
    Julie xxxxx

  5. As it turned out I had a very slow walk this year, Christmas wise anyway. It's been so good taking a simpler approach and having less to get stressed up about. Now all I have to do is the decorations, assuming I can get the sitting room clear enough to put some up!

    Have a relaxing weekend, Simone. I might just join you in a sherry.

  6. I love the term Gibbous Moon! My slow walk is over and everything is done, now I can just relax and let it all happen. Stollen and sherry? What a good idea:)

  7. Yes, I love the composition of your photo, Simone. Beautiful!!
    You truly inspired me with your "slow walk" idea. I have one day left before my daughter comes home from Canada for Christmas and I have almost everything done! Like you, I have eliminated some things that might be nice, but need not be done by Christmas. The important thing is to have a happy time with family and friends. Thank you for your inspiration, dear Simone. xx

  8. Lovely, Simone. I hope you can enjoy these next few days.

    Hugs to you. Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas Simone.
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Lisa x

  10. Simone, wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

    Michela x


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