Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Celebrating Seasons - Imbolc

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are coming to the end of the dark half of the year.  I am not particularly fond of the period from Samhain (Halloween) to January/February, the latter part being known as the undertakers harvest.

This weekend sees the start of the journey towards the beginning of the light and the welcoming of Spring. My diary of Country Wisdom and Folklore notes Saturday 2nd February (this year) as Imbolc.  Imbolc is the time of year when we begin to 'sense a change in the air and although spring is still some time away, the first signs of life and growth begin to show, beautifully illustrated by snowdrops and other emerging bulbs.'

I have noticed a 'sense a change in the air' over the last couple of days.  The air seems fresher, the grass is none the worse for its snow carpet earlier in the week, and I feel a sense of renewed optimism.

Imbolc is a great time to emerge from our winter cocoon and sow the seeds of hope for the coming months.

Ideas for celebrating Imbolc (The Festival of Earth Awakening)

Sow some seeds in pots and nurture over the coming months

Plant a tree

Light up white candles

Plan something to do later in the year

Take up a new hobby

Shake up your routine - do something different

Make a seed cake (caraway or poppy) and make a wish 
Decorate the house with spring flowers 

Let an idea germinate so it can come to fruition later in the year


Listen to music that calls to your soul


  1. I've made the seed cake and have Daffodils in a vase, but I dare not take up a new hobby! The air is certainly fresher and there is definitely a change in the air!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. The air is definitely fresher today. I've opened the windows for the first time in months. Some spring flowers in the house sounds like a great idea!

  3. I've had spring flowers in the house for a couple of weeks now, maybe it's time to get tomato seeds!!!!
    It's actually 12degC here today!
    Bring it all on, that's what I say! :)
    V xxx

  4. Imbolc is so much better than New Year, more natural somehow. I shall try a few of your suggestions, not including a new hobby. Good to know that you have plans.

  5. I noticed it today too. Snowdrops are breaking out all over the place. And I've got the seed catalogues out.

  6. You take such lovely photos, Simone. There is nothing that says hope and spring as clearly as a little bouquet of daffodils.

  7. Your suggestions on how to celebrate Imbolc are great. I might take up one or two. I was thinking of a new hobby and maybe do something different in my routine.We'll see..

  8. There is a change in the air today it somehow feels lighter and brighter! How weird - I bought poppy seeds at the weekend to make a cake I hadn't made for years - I will make that soon. We also bought potatoes to chit and bean and tomato seeds from the garden centre so we are on the right tracks:)

  9. I love this hopeful post, Simone, and your suggestions for celebrating this time of change!! xx

  10. Here in Ireland, February 1st is celebrated as St Brigid's Day as well as Imbolc and the beginning of Spring


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